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If Atheists Talked Like Christians

Hemant Mehta over at the Friendly Atheist is running a contest on twitter and facebook asking people to make atheist versions of Christian phrases. I actually think this is pretty brilliant and even though atheists have done this type of thing on their own in the past, I think it is good to do it in a more organized manner.

Atheists have a problem with messaging and this contest might be able to help. One problem atheists have is that we tend to be rational and therefore expect others to be rational as well. But most people don’t think rationally. So by taking some of the irrational things that Christians say and turning them into atheist things with our message we do two things. 1. We expose their irrationality. 2. We create our own messaging.

Some of the phrases will be in the first category and some will fit more in the second. Here are a few that I liked:

@rksteg you can’t be a good, moral person if you believe in God.

@DEIgebrandt If Jesus turned water into wine – how come there is still water?

@BetterOffDamned There’s no such thing as a Christian. You just hate reality!

Here are my contributions so far:

@DangerousTalk You’d have your answer if you reasoned it out sincerely.

@DangerousTalk You have a science shaped hole in your brain.

Tweet your message using the hashtag #IfAtheistsTalkedLikeChristians

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