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Atheists Are Intellectual Snobs

It’s true, as an atheist I happen to think reason is better than faith, knowledge is better than ignorance, and evidence is better than assertions. I, like most atheists, am in intellectual snob… and proud of it.

And why shouldn’t I be? Why would anyone take pride in not being intellectual? I look down on ignorant people. I think ignorant people should strive to educate themselves. While I understand some people who just don’t have the intellectual capacity to be intellectual, they are the rare exception here. I don’t have a problem with them because they often struggle to learn. They often desire to better themselves mentally, but have a physiological deficiency impeding them.

I am really focusing my snobbishness on those who have the mental capacity, but choose ignorance instead. You know the people I am talking about; they are the people who always fall back on faith instead of reason. They ask stupid questions which we have all heard before and that they think are original and intellectual.

Oh, you want some examples? If humans are descended from apes, why are there still apes? Without God, how do you know right from wrong? You know the rest.

So yeah, I’m and intellectual snob and you should be too. Let me teach you how. Lesson one, Learn stuff. Lesson two, think critically. Lesson three, laugh at and mock ignorant fucks who skipped lessons one and two.

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