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Herding Cats Indeed

The Secular Coalition for America hired a new Executive Director who is a Republican. That means that she voted for Republicans and she worked for Republicans. Yet for some reason people are shocked that she gave money to Rick Perry and worked for Trent Lott. Atheism is not a religion and yet even the religious have strong divides when it comes to political parties.

Let’s look at the Catholic Church for a moment. In that religion, whatever the Pope says goes and yet there are some very Right Wing Republican Catholics and some very Left Wing Democrat Catholics. Paul Ryan is a Catholic and John F. Kennedy was a Catholic. So if it is this hard to herd Catholics who are supposed to do what the Pope tells them to, why should it be any easier for atheists considering we aren’t even a religion.

Oddly enough though, most atheists agree on most issues despite our lack of a Pope. But we aren’t going to agree on everything. Edwina Rogers is a Republican and so it is pretty likely that most atheists will have disagreements with her on various issues. But when it comes to secular values, she claims to agree with us 100% and the board of the Secular Coalition for America agrees.

As a movement, we are going to have internal disputes, but at the end of the day we need to work together. This means we sometimes have to put our person opinions aside and work with people we disagree with to get our common goals achieved. We don’t have to play nice and she can still call bullshit where we see bullshit. But just because someone is full of shit on one or more issues doesn’t mean we can’t work with them on other issues. You can read my defense of Edwina Rogers and the SCA HERE.

There is also some internal drama going on with the National Atheist Party. They just fired their VP of Administration. I’m not sure what the drama there is yet, but it is drama we don’t need.

Atheists tend to be very opinionated and we get passionate about our opinions. But we have to remember that at the end of the day, we are all on the same side. We all want to support secular values and all want a more secular nation.

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