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Atheist Meme Tracts

I love the interwebs. Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Reddit are great for spreading reason to those who are already atheists. Yeah, that’s right; when you post a cool Hitchens quote on you social media the people who see it and ‘like,’ ‘plus,’ and ‘retweet’ it are probably all (or mostly) atheists.

Christians hand out tracts to unbelievers and the apathetic in the hopes that they will win converts. Atheists have some tracts too, but they are wordy and boring. We need new tracts that will get people’s attention and hold their interest.

The best part is that it is practically already done. I see great meme pictures on my social media feeds all the time that feature awesome quotes from awesome atheists. Even Mylie Cyrus posted one. So I think I’m going to start making business card sized tracts out of some of these memes. I haven’t worked out the specifics yet, but look for atheist meme tracts of this sort soon on Dangerous Talk.

If you have any that you think are particularly awesome, please let me know. I don’t want ones that say, “Hey look, I’m a famous person and I’m an atheist.” I want them to be hard hitting arguments or counter-arguments. Keep them short, sweet, and blasphemous!

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  • MaryL

    Fight Ignorance – sleep in this Sunday.

    God is my favorite fictional character.