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Potty Training and The Bible

This week, I’m doing a big push to get my three-year-old potty trained. He is of course being difficult and so I went online to find some good guide books. Then it hit me; Christians are always telling me that God wrote the best guild book of all – the Bible.

Of course the Bible doesn’t have a chapter on potty training, but it should. It is after all supposed to be a guide book for life. This hasn’t stopped Christians from trying to find anything and everything that the Bible says which might be applied to the topic, however. So what does the Bible say that could somehow be interpreted as a guide for potty training kids?

Of course there is the passage where God warns not to spareth his rod in Proverbs. Does that mean that I should beat my son until he pees in the potty? Maybe I’m using the wrong potty to train my son on. The book of Deuteronomy says that we are to dig a hole in the ground to shit in. Maybe that will work. I think I’ll just stick with secular advice https://ukviagras.com/e….

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