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Astrology and Religion

Over the weekend, I posted a hilarious clip from Fox News in which the host brought on the show an Astronomer and an Astrology to debate the shift in the constellations. Why this is hitting the media now, I have no idea. I learned about this shift 18 years ago in Astronomy class, but that beside the point.

The point here is that this clip is hilarious. On one side, the actual scientist is talking about actual facts and on the other side we have the astrologer attempting to defend horoscopes in light of the actual indisputable scientific facts. Let’s go to the video:

What occurred to me was that mainstream news organizations do the exact same thing except with religion instead of astrology. Sure we can all laugh at Fox News for trying to treat both the Astronomer and the Astrologer with equal reverence, but when CNN pits a scientist against a Creationist on some new discover pertaining to evolution, people take that seriously.

I love this Fox News clip because it shows just how ridiculous such a comparison is. When major mainstream news groups have rational people debate religious people on matters of reality, it is no different than this clip. The rational person talks about facts, evidence, and the Scientific Method and the religious person talks about a made up belief.

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