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What Atheist Billboard Would You Design?

Lately the American Atheist billboard campaign has gotten a lot of criticism… from atheists. Rebecca Watson from SkepChick and PZ Myers from Pharyngula have both criticized the ad campaign (among others). So it occurred to me that maybe American Atheists might need some help in coming up with their next billboard.

What atheist billboard would you design? This is a serious question. Sure we would all fantasize about a billboard which blasts the religious for believing in the ridiculous, but those types of billboards wouldn’t be defensible to mainstream America. I think if atheists are going to have billboard campaigns, we need to make them defensible to the general public (even though religious billboards generally aren’t).

Some ideas that I think would work for an atheist billboard would be a criticism of Hell or perhaps something dealing with the fact that churches don’t pay taxes and that costs the tax payers even more money because they aren’t paying their fair share. But I want to see what you guys can come up with either using those themes or something different.

Here is a rough draft of a billboard idea I had awhile back:

O-Minus 4 Days

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