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No Compromise!

On Primary Day, there was another conversation I had with a Catholic Republican that I forgot to talk about yesterday that I think is worth discussing. It’s in odd because I couldn’t figure out at first if his attitude could be attributed to his religious faith and to his political affiliation. After some thought I think it is his religious faith, which ought to be attributed to his view of “No Compromise.”

The conversation started off talking about taxes. He told me that we have different philosophies and that he wouldn’t expect me to change. He went on to say that he wouldn’t change his philosophy on the subject and that he couldn’t change his principles.

“For example,” he said, “I believe abortion is murder. How can I compromise on that?” He then rattled off a host of other issues (mostly political) that he wouldn’t compromise on including taxes and government regulations.

I told him that to some extent, I agree with him that some issues there are no compromising about, but that some issues to do think Republicans and Democrats can seek compromise on, such as regulation and taxes. He disagreed and there in lies the problem. Democrats are willing to try to compromise and Republicans aren’t. They don’t believe in compromise. But why don’t they believe in compromise?

It comes down to religious faith. They believe things based on faith and not on reason. When someone bases their opinions on reason, someone can reason with them and make a case to change their mind or maybe just to compromise a little bit and find common ground. But if an opinion is a faith based belief, there is no reasoning about it. That is just the way it is. Any compromise is an attack on faith. The reason Republicans don’t believe in compromise is because Republicans are generally religious.

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