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Kneel Before Your Loving Father!

Some of you may not know this, but I am a loving father. I have a two year-old son at home with me and like all loving parents I only want the best for my son. So over the weekend, I demanded that he kneel before me and worship me.

I really want him to love me back, so I gave him the choice. If he kneels before me and worships me, I will give him cookies and cake for every meal forever. But if he disobeys me even in the slightest, he will be beaten continuously for every day of his life.

Even though I know my son very well, I was shocked that when I commanded him to go to bed, he rebelled against me. He knew the consequences and he still rebelled. But since I love him, I gave him a way to be forgiven. I could put his nine year-old cousin in harms way and allow her to be tortured and killed and then I can have my son worship her as well as me from here on out.

If he doesn’t accept my sacrifice of his cousin, I will have to go ahead and beat him. I am after all a just father and those are the rules. If I let my son get away with rebelling against me and not worshipping me and his cousin, then I wouldn’t be a very just and loving father, right?

This is of course a ridiculous scenario and because I actually do love my son, I would never beat him nor would I give him cookies and cake for every meal. I still love my son even though he doesn’t like to go to bed on time and sometimes disobeys and rebels against me. He is a typical two year-old. But this situation mirrors the situation that Christianity has set up.

This is in fact the core of the Christian religion. A so called “loving” God demands that we worship and obey him. He created us and can do with us as he pleases. When we don’t obey him, he threatens to torture us for all eternity in Hell. Then he changes his mind out of “love” and puts another being in harms way (Jesus). He allows Jesus to get tortured and to die (but only for three days) and then we are told that we must accept his sacrifice and now worship him too or else the threat of eternal torture in Hell is still on because after all, God is a “just” God.

I don’t know how Christians define “love” and “justice,” but I have a very different view of those virtues. This is one of the many reasons why I consider the Christian religion to be immoral and wrong. Of course, I also consider the Christian religion to be bullshit too; so there is that. Not only is it immoral, and illogical, it is also fiction.

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  • lui salpan

    God is merciful that He loves us despite of us. But the bible is a spiritual book and without the God’s spirit in the person teaching or explaining the context, it only leads to confusion and error. The bible explicitly stated that the natural man can not understand the WORD because it is foolishness unto them.
    The topic is simple, mankind is sinful (even our thoughts) therefore, it has to be judged/condemned. Since God is eternal, judgement is eternal too; eternal death, likeswise those who accept Him is given eternal life.
    God saw that no one truly loves God and no one is righteous (in God’s standadrd). Thus man is forever separated from HIM. So God manifested his LOVE for us by letting his son Jesus Christ to accept the penalty for sin by his crucifixion because He is the only qualified person on earth (righteous and holy). His death on the cross qualified every one to be free from sin and eternal death. This is Gace of God. But Jesus is resurrected and alive forevermore which should confirm our faith in God. Now, man is given a choice ; to believe or reject Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We are free to choose. But whether, we believe it it or not there is heaven and hell. Hope this help..a bit at least..Christianity should be viewed as a relationship with Christ and not a religion.

  • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

    Thanks Lui from proving my point. Christianity has a really screwed up view of “Love” and “Justice.” I love my son despite the fact that he doesn’t want to go to bed on time and can be rebellious at times too. I still love him and I don’t think he ought to worship me or accept the sacrifice of his cousin to love me back. Thanks for playing.

  • Scott

    Pretty much, this is what God is. The link here is to a Philhellenes video where he talks about his ant farm and the story escalates as he started acting like the Christian God towards the ants.