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The Importance of April Fooling

This is just as observation, but it seems to me that the more religious someone is the less likely they are to have a sense of humor. Now there are exceptions to this of course. My cousin for example group up moderately religious like I did and he was always a funny guy. When he became a fundamentalist Jew (yes they do exist), he kept his sense of humor in tact.

Exceptions aside, it does seem that my observation has some merit. Fundamentalists tend to be more likely to get offended by a joke than they are to laugh at a joke. This is why April Fools Day is important. It exposes the lack of a sense of humor on the part of the religious.

It is also important to note that April Fools jokes usually involve tricking someone temporarily. Trickery is considered a sin by some religious extremists. It does after all involve bearing false witness. So if a religious person does play an April Fools joke on you today, inform them that they just committed a sin and that they need to repent immediately or they will be tortured for all eternity in Hellfire. Don’t forget to wait a few moments before you tell them, “April Fools, Hell is imaginary!”

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