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What If All the Atheists Left Europe?

I keep hearing this thing where atheists pose the question, “what if all the atheists left America,” and then they point out particular atheists who would leave and how that would make the country worse. I guess that might convince someone that atheists aren’t evil baby eaters, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

I have a better question in mind. What if all the atheists left Europe… and came to the United States? Well, we could run atheists or public office and win. Then we could force religious believers to keep their ridiculous beliefs out of politics all together.

Challenges to the Separation of Church and State would be so easily defeated that Republicans wouldn’t even bother to bring them up. Science education would quickly improve. Medical research on stem cells could be funded adequately and diseases would become eradicated.

Schools would have no problem offering a comprehensive sex education class to teens who need to know that information. This would lower the teen pregnancy rate and lower the poverty rate. President Obama would pass a real Health Care bill. Foreign policy would be totally different too.

The point here is that America is the last battle ground. It is the last real holdout for religion and it is a powerful holdout. If atheists from all over the world came here and voted for rational people instead of the religious wackos like Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and the rest not only would America change for the better, but the whole world would change.

I understand the appeal of other non-religious wacko nations. My wife and I even talked about moving to Canada or the Netherlands to get away from the wackos in America so that we can live more rational lives. But the fact is that would just make the world worse. Like it or not, America has the bombs (as Dennis Leary puts it). Do you really think a President Palin wouldn’t try to invade atheist nations if she the rest of the country was as religious as she is?

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