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Immune from Evidence

Most Christians will attempt to argue their position using some semblance of reason, logic, and evidence. There are however a small but special few who will not even bother. These few, proud, believers will admit that all the evidence, logic, and reason in the world will not convince them of anything… god related of course.

The “special few,” as I call them, have decided that the Bible is the only source of real knowledge and so it is always right even if the evidence says otherwise. They aren’t saying that the evidence is on their side, they are saying that the Bible supersedes the evidence. Everything is a lie except the Bible.

Of course these “special few” will still attempt to argue their position because that is what people do. But they are immune to argument on a fundamental level. In fact, they rarely even listen to your argument(s). Instead they use it as an excuse to get their foot in the door, so to speak.

So what can we do about these special few? Arguing with them is a waste of time and asking them to read anything falls on deaf ears (even when asking them to read the Bible). Mockery seems to be the only thing left and even it seems inadequate. Personally, I am leaning toward the strategy of ignoring these very special few. Thoughts?

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  • Scott

    The special few won’t convert until they get isolated when all the convert-able people become atheists.

  • http://shaunphilly.wordpress.com ShaunPhilly

    I actually agree that in most cases, that is after trying to talk with them about the issue rationally, and finding that nothing will make a difference, mocking their belief will sometimes help. Perhaps rarely, but sometimes. IN most of these cases, the person is not worth talking with at all; they are not really adults, so you might as well be arguing with a 5 year-old.

    Yes, these special people are, in effect, like children.

  • Sarge

    “…you might as well be arguing with a 5 year-old…”

    That says it all. You see the bumper stickers that state that “…the bible says it, I believe it, that settles it…” and you wonder.
    What is with someone that they demand such immaturity? What are their ego needs, what has happened to them?

    But then, they believe the absurd because it it absurd as told by the early church fathers, it is a virtue.
    And if you mock them they are either enraged or gratified due to a sense of martyrdom.

    Save your breath, don’t deal with them at all.

  • david

    Unless you like wasting your time. You can not fill a broken glass, the glass must first be fixed, otherwise all your attempts will be in vain.

  • Scott

    “God might be an omnipotent cheap hiding from science. God might be a raging five year old that wants all the toys. But you’ll never believe it if reason tells you otherwise.”

    ~Epic quote from Philhellenes on youtube