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Which Religion Will Die First?

So everyone is talking about this new study that religion is becoming extinct in nine countries. I wish I had the link to the actual study, but I don’t at the moment. Do wonder however, which of our modern religions will die first.

We know that religion is trending down world-wide. It is also probable that we will never be rid of religion completely. There are still those who believe that Elvis is still alive and Same Harris often tells the tale that he actually gets nasty e-mails from Poseidon believers. Still, for all practical purposes the Greek religions of the past are dead.

So do people think that the larger religions of today will be the first to go or perhaps the smaller religions like Scientology and Mormonism? Out of the Abrahamic religions, I think Judaism will be the first to go. There are a lot of Jews who are secular and I think this trend will continue to increase exponentially. While there will always be people who identify as Jewish, they will be less and less religious as time goes by. I think the religious aspect of Judaism will be the first of the Abrahamic religions to go.

When it comes to Christianity and Islam, I think it is a toss up. Islam is growing and Christianity is shrinking, so that might be a sign of things to come. But it might not if Islam can’t adapt the way Christianity has adapted.

This conversation is purely speculative and because there is no real way to know for sure (without a time machine) I am just hoping for people’s opinions here. This isn’t really a matter to argue over since there really are no facts to be argued. So what do you think and why?

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