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Science Can’t Prove It Doesn’t Exist

I got into a conversation with a Christian yesterday and the guy said to me, “There are countless things that we could not scientifically prove, that does not mean that they don’t exist.”

It is this type of argument that really pisses me off. This guy isn’t even a fundamentalist. He is a mainstream Christian and yet he still doesn’t understand that if there is no evidence to suggest that something exists, then there is no reason to believe that that something does exist.

Sure, monkeys could fly out of my ass and there is no scientific evidence that could show that this could never ever happen. But there is no reason to believe that monkeys will fly out of my ass either.

Science isn’t about proof necessarily; it is about evidence and reason. If there is no evidence to suggest that something exists, then there is no reason to believe it exists. The burden of proof is on the Christian to not only show valid evidence for the existence of deities, but to show valid evidence to suggest their particular deity exists. In the last 2000 plus years they have yet to show any valid evidence at all. Instead they rely on really poor reasoning and bad arguments.

Still, even though the burden is on them, I have taken up the burden of disproving their deity in my Ontological Argument for Disproving God, which I have entered into the Project Reason video contest. A brief reminder, voting begins on February 15th.

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