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Jesus? Never Heard Of Him

Often times Christians will ask people if they have heard the “Good News.” They will ask if you have ever heard of Jesus Christ. Once when I was in college, I thought I would try a little experiment and answer the question in a way most Christians wouldn’t expect. I said, “No, never heard of him.”

I wanted to see how a Christian could explain the ridiculousness of Christianity to someone who had never heard it before. Of course, no Christian would even believe that I hadn’t heard of Jesus so I had to make up some story about growing up in a foreign country and just recently coming to America and not knowing any one. I still don’t think anyone bought it, but at least one Christian was willing to go down the rabbit hole anyway.

This was good because I got to play Socrates and ask the really obvious questions without being confrontational. You can’t really do that normally. Normally, if you question any part of the ridiculousness of Christianity the Christian will get offended right way.

Unfortunately, I think I blew my cover too soon to really get a good conversation going, but I still think it is an interesting strategy to help to show just how ridiculous Christianity really is. If a Christian can explain it to someone who has never heard the story before, they start to put themselves in “your shoes” and imagine what they would think and how they would feel if someone was telling them this story for the first time. It like you are getting them to think about the story from a backup of their brain that never actually existed. It cuts through the indoctrination.

I would be curious to know if anyone is willing to try this strategy and let me know how it goes.

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