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You’re Not Worthy of The Evidence

Often times when I demand that religious believers present evidence for their claims they try to find some way to avoid doing so. One of their most common tactics is to claim or insinuate that I am not worthy of the evidence.

If only I already believed then they could present me with the evidence that would convince me to believe. As circular and ridiculous as that sounds, that is exactly the tactic many Christians actually take.

As a point of Biblical fact (meaning that according to the Bible not according to reality), Doubting Thomas demanded evidence and because he doubted he received the evidence he asked for. So why would I be less worthy than Doubting Thomas?

If there were any valid evidence for the ridiculous claims of religious believers why wouldn’t they present that evidence? Why wouldn’t they present that evidence especially after I make it clear that I am certainly willing to believe if presented with valid evidence? It is really easy to convince most atheists. All a believer has to do is present valid evidence and yet they claim that they want to convince us but we aren’t worthy of the evidence.

This claim of worthiness is especially odd given the Christian view that we were all created special and that we are all equally evil sinners. Yeah, that too is pretty contradictory but that is just one of the paradoxical set of beliefs they are trying to convince us of. If only I were worthy of the evidence they could present it me so that I too might believe. Oh well.

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