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More Evidence for Jesus Than for Me?

I have argued with many Christians who insist that there is more evidence for a historical Jesus than there is for various other historical figures. While I think they are wrong and that the best a knowledgeable Christian could really say would be that there is an equal amount of evidence for a historical Jesus than for other historical figures (depending on those figures), one Christian recently took this argument over the top. He claimed that there was actually more evidence for Jesus than there is evidence for me.

Wow, that is so stupid that I really had to think about it and waste brain power. So the fact that he was responding to something I wrote (clear evidence that I exist) is less evidence than he claims to have for the existence of Jesus.

To be fair, he hasn’t really seen either of us, but at least I can produce a photo. Jesus can’t even present that level of evidence. I have written things (like my conversation with this Christian) while Jesus has written nothing. There are people who are alive today who could testify to have spoken to me, seen me, etc. And I can also testify directly that I exist. How about Jesus? I’ll call him to the witness stand and let’s see if he shows up.

These are the types of ridiculous Christians that are out there arguing for their faith.

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