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Invested Belief

A Christian asked me if I believe in aliens. I told him that I think alien life is probable, but that I am not invested in my belief. In other words, I believe there is probably some form of life somewhere in the vastness of the universe. My evidence is only based on statistics, so it is possible that I am wrong and neither my belief nor disbelief affects my life much if at all.

While it is true that I demand strong evidence for a god and only statistical data for the existence of aliens, that is because god belief expects a greater investment from me… especially Christian God-belief. I am just not willing to become a jerk overnight based on no evidence at all. But I am willing to entertain myself with thoughts of aliens based off of statistical data alone.

I should also point out that a claim of human-like life somewhere in the vast universe is a more believable claim than that of an all-powerful deity the likes of which have never been experience and are largely contradictory to itself and to what we know of the world.

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