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Invested Belief

A Christian asked me if I believe in aliens. I told him that I think alien life is probable, but that I am not invested in my belief. In other words, I believe there is probably some form of life somewhere in the vastness of the universe. My evidence is only based on statistics, so it is possible that I am wrong and neither my belief nor disbelief affects my life much if at all.

While it is true that I demand strong evidence for a god and only statistical data for the existence of aliens, that is because god belief expects a greater investment from me… especially Christian God-belief. I am just not willing to become a jerk overnight based on no evidence at all. But I am willing to entertain myself with thoughts of aliens based off of statistical data alone.

I should also point out that a claim of human-like life somewhere in the vast universe is a more believable claim than that of an all-powerful deity the likes of which have never been experience and are largely contradictory to itself and to what we know of the world.

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  • http://jwatheist.tumblr.com/ Janine White

    The powers ascribed to God(s) are sentient and non-human. If there were a historical basis for them, it would be visitation by aliens. However, although it is probable that there is sentient life elsewhere in the universe, it is unlikely that they are near us and/or advanced enough to reach us. If they have reached us and implanted seeds of religion, it seems more like a practical joke or a domination strategy than a serious attempt at civilized communication. In any case, they would not be Gods in the classical sense describe by various world religions.

  • Javier

    I hate to get pedantic (oh who am I kidding? I love pedantry!), but the term “alien” literally means “stranger,” or more specifically “a stranger in a strange land.” While “alien life” is often used to refer to any and all extra-terrestrial life, correctly used, “aliens” means those extra-terrestrial life forms which have visited Earth and interacted with its inhabitants and not life forms in a different solar system. When somebody asks me if I “believe in aliens,” I always simply answer “No” because to me, the question of whether there exists life (or even intelligent life) on other planets is a completely different and unrelated question. [/pedantry rant] ;-)

  • http://www.socialinjustices.net dlevitt

    Seems to me that the only thing that can save man’s continued evolution from the immorality of the religions that we have adopted to segregate and annihilate one another would be a benevolent alien intervention. Can anyone say ET.