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Tree of Knowledge Saga Continues

For too long, Christians have claimed the monopoly on the winter season. While they have allowed Jews into the club despite the fact that Hanukkah is a relatively minor holiday. A few years ago many in the atheist community made our claim for inclusion in the winter season with the holiday of Human Light and […]

A More Nuanced Veteran’s Day Message

Today is the day that everyone thanks all the veterans for their service and if you are a thoughtful person who doesn’t think that every single veteran deserves thanks, you are un-American apparently. Last year I wrote a similar blog and some people didn’t bother to read what I wrote and just labeled me a […]

Agenda Judges

Last Tuesday was Election Day and I spent the entire day at the polls as Minority Election Inspector. Toward the end of the day after the polls had closed, I got into a short conversation with a Republican poll watcher who was hanging out waiting for the results. The topic was on the role of […]

It’s Election Day!

Today I will be performing my duties as an elected official. Last year I won the race for Minority Election Inspector for my local precinct. I won this election by exactly one vote… mine. Let this be a lesson to everyone, if there is no candidate for a local office that you like, don’t be […]

Both Sides are Equally Extreme?

Over the weekend, Jon Stewart held the Rally to Restore Sanity and tomorrow is Election Day so I thought I would talk about this myth that both political parties are equally extreme. Toward the end of the rally, Stewart gave his closing speech in which he talked about how people from both sides of the […]

Breaking News: Stephen Hawking Doesn’t Believe in God

Even though physicist Stephen Hawking has been an atheist for quite some time, this seemed to be breaking news yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, I think Hawking did make breaking news yesterday, but it wasn’t his lack of belief in a deity. The media has a really short attention span, because it was just three […]

Supremely Skeptical

Yesterday, the United States Senate confirmed this nation’s newest Supreme Court Justice, Elana Kagan. But while many of my progressive and freethinker friends are celebrating, I remain skeptical. For starters, the Court is still middle of the road at best. We have four extremely right wing Justices who will nine times out of ten support […]

The Friendlier Atheist

I am pretty well established vocal atheist. On the scale of atheism, I am often lumped in with Dawkins, Hitchens, and Harris as a “New Atheist” or “militant atheist.” I prefer to see myself more as a “bad cop” of atheism. So imagine my surprise when I found out that on at least one issue […]

Everyone Draw Mohammad Day

That’s right bitches, it is Everyone Draw Mohammad Day. I love this holiday. It is right up there with Everyone Blasphemy Jesus Day. Seriously though, I have already written my take on this subject for the Examiner (because they pay more). So check out my article on why it is Immoral to criticize Draw Mohammad […]

Should Atheists Support Obama’s Current SCOTUS Pick?

Last night, Obama made his pick for the replacement of Supreme Court Justice Paul Stevens. His pick is Elena Kagan, the current Solicitor General. Is it a good pick? Should we as atheists be supporting her? Earlier today I wrote an article of the Examiner page talking about Elena Kagan’s record on church/state issues. It […]

On Aliens and Teabaggers

Professor Stephen Hawking recently stated that aliens almost certainly exist and that it is probably unwise for humans to attempt to contact them at this time. Sure, in the context of his Discovery Channel television series such a statement seems innocent enough, but what the smartest man on the planet didn’t foresee was that every […]

A Tale of Two Religions

Last night I wrote a great blog for today’s Dangerous Talk continuing the whole South Park controversy. Then, I posted it to the Examiner page instead. So now I can talk about how ridiculous the Muslims are and the Catholics. Both religions are now feeling to the heat from the mainstream religious-ass-kissing media. The media […]

Warning to RevolutionMuslim.com

It is pretty well known that Muslim fundamentalists freak out when anyone criticizes their religion or even depicts an image of their prophet Mohammad. In fact, Muslims are even known to get violent about it. Their severe reactions to such trivial things have frightened the media and the entertainment industry. Yesterday, I published an Examiner […]

Atheist Group Allows Members To Molest Children

There is a terrible double standard going on in the world today. Could you imagine how society at large would respond if the headlines of the morning newspapers reported that the largest atheist group in the world had allowed members of their group to molest children? What if the atheist group used member donations to […]

Dreaming About Tomorrow

During the 2008 primary, I strongly opposed Barack Obama as the candidate. I didn’t buy into his message of Change and Hope. While I voted for him in the general election, I still think that he was full of shit. As a point of fact, he hasn’t changed the healthcare system or any other policy […]

Testing The Pope’s Faith

The Pope is the leader of the largest single religious organization in the world. The Catholic Church prides itself of their strong faith in God, their Lord and Savior. Now that the Pope and the Church are in the middle of a worldwide scandal and literally a billion people are praying for them, I have […]

YouTube Censorship

YouTube has become one of the largest websites on the internet. It gives people a voice and allows for the free flow of ideas. This is one of the main reasons why atheism dominates YouTube so much. But there are some concerns in regard to censorship. While I understand YouTube’s concerns in dealing with copyright […]

Vatican On The Run

Over the last few weeks, more and more of the mainstream media have been talking about the “crisis in the Vatican” or “Pope-gate.” More and more of the general public including Catholics are becoming outraged. The systematic cover-up and protection of child rapists and sexual assault on children is not easy to defend against. But […]

Dear Pope, We’re Coming For You

For a long time now, the people of the world have known that many Catholic priests have been sexually assaulting children. This happens so often that it has become a frequent punch line to jokes. Sadly, sexually assaulting children is no laughing matter. It is a crime. In fact, as far as crimes go, it […]

This Is What Change Looks Like

Last night, the House of Representatives passed President Obama’s Health Reform Bill. Of course none of the Republican’ts voted for it. When it was passed, Obama triumphantly declared that, “this is what change looks like.” Oddly enough, it doesn’t seem to look much different. I remember when Obama gave his big health care reform speech; […]

Spreading Scientific Thinking and Secular Values

Project Reason has officially launched their video contest. The goal of the contest is to have people make videos which help to spread scientific thinking and secular values. Nine videos have been nominated, but only one is really any good. When you go to the voting page, all the videos are randomized and every time […]

The Mysterious Atheist White House Briefing

Despite President Obama’s rhetoric about transparency in government, the White House has made the delegates from the Secular Coalition of America (SCA) take an oath of secrecy. I have talked about this more in my Examiner article which I hope everyone will check out. But I want to say a bit more about this issue. […]

I’m Glad Democrats Lost Massachusetts

The Liberal Lion has been tea-bagged. At the time of his death, Ted Kennedy was the second most liberal Senator and now he is being replaced by someone who may turn out to be the most conservative Senator. How is that possible? It’s easy. The Democrats have no balls. President Obama in particular has been […]

What Did You Expect From Pat Robertson?

Yesterday Haiti was hit with a massive earthquake. It didn’t take long after the earthquake hit the news for televangelist Pat Robertson to say something stupid and insensitive in order to make money. The thing that gets me is that people seem surprised by this. What did you expect from Pat Robertson? After the 911 […]

Atheist Unity Convention

Apparently, this weekend there will be a meeting of atheist leaders. I didn’t even know there were atheist leaders, but I digress. I’m sure my invitation must have been lost in the mail. In any case, one of the topics on the agenda is whether or not to have one huge massive atheist unity convention […]

A Tribute to a Fallen Televangelist

I am sure by now everyone is aware of the death of evangelical televangelist Oral Roberts. The man was a legend. He was considered by many to be the father of televangelism and the inspiration for Jerry Falwell and James Dobson. Last night I wrote my very polite and politically correct perspective on his death […]

Sarah Palin Expects the Apocalypse Soon

It seems that Sarah Palin’s 15 minutes of fame is not up just yet. It is pretty well established that she was picked to be the 2008 Republican Vice-Presidential candidate largely due to her strong fundamentalist views. The McCain campaign had hoped to get the Religious Right energized about his campaign through her. While McCain […]

The H1N1 Conspiracy

Yesterday, I got the H1N1 vaccine. But for weeks now, I have been hearing about all the conspiracies and concerns in relation to this vaccine. Some seem perfectly rational and understandable while others are as ridiculous as the Abrahamic God. The more ridiculous concerns about this particular vaccine deal with the evil Illuminati. Apparently, they […]

Guy Fawkes Day is Here Again

Remember, remember the fifth of November. Today is of course the anniversary of the day when the Catholic plot to blow up the Protestant controlled Parliament went astray. This year, I think we need to take this holiday a little more seriously than we normally would. First, it is of course a reminder that Christians […]

Obama Becomes Superman

This wasn’t the topic I was planning on writing about today, but I think I would be remiss if I didn’t. President Barack Obama has already joked about being born on Krypton and talked about ridding the world of all nuclear weapons and now we has become a symbol of peace for the entire world. […]

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