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Testing The Pope’s Faith

The Pope is the leader of the largest single religious organization in the world. The Catholic Church prides itself of their strong faith in God, their Lord and Savior. Now that the Pope and the Church are in the middle of a worldwide scandal and literally a billion people are praying for them, I have to wonder if God will answer those prayers.

This really is a test of the Pope’s faith since he and the Vatican have all but ignored the actual scandal. Instead of being open to world authorities and inviting a comprehensive impartial investigation, the Vatican has closed their doors, doubled security, and blamed the media, gays, the devil, the Jews, and anyone else they could think of.

On one hand they seem to have a tremendous amount of faith that all this will simply go away without them having to present an actual defense. On the other hand, they seem to have such little faith in that they have doubled their security and lashed out so strongly against everyone.

Maybe they should just turn themselves in to world authorities, open their doors to a full investigation, and leave it in God’s hands. They always talk about how God works through people, so let him work through the world authorities in open court in front of the entire world.

They say God works in mysterious ways, but there is nothing mysterious about hiding from the law. The more the Church blames and attacks everyone else instead of addressing the real issues and being open to investigation the more they look like a gang of thugs and less like a shining example of God’s love for the world. In fact they look more like a shining example of sexual love for under-aged children.

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  • http://theatheistaltar.blogspot.com Eric

    Definitely. What’s more shameful are the apologetics who are shifting the focus onto Dawkins and Hitchens as looking for publicity when calling out the arrest and investigation of this scandal. Makes me wonder where their priorities are.

  • http://theatheistaltar.blogspot.com Eric

    That should read, “calling out for the arrest and investigation”. That’s better :)

  • http://dogmaticatheist.wordpress.com A-Dizzle

    I have a personal view that the Pope and church leaders know full well that they are peddling complete bullshit, but just go along with it to remain in power.

  • http://www.myspace.com/wildjourne Wildjourne

    Just remember the god they are praying too killed 42 children for calling on of his prophets bald. (2 Kings 2: 23-24.) Maybe the church is praying for God’s vengence against these whiny little brats.

  • http://www.theaunicornist.com Mike D

    If God is perfect, then by definition anything he does should also be perfect. That includes making plans, creating universes, and making people. How does a perfect being incapable of sin create imperfect beings who can?

    And then there’s the whole omniscience problem, since God must have known that his creations would sin.

    Oh, and don’t forget that the solution to his first perfect plan is not a second, but a fourth perfect plan (after the Noahic and Mosaic covenants failed) in which he sacrifices himself to himself as a blood offering which somehow appeases himself so he can forgive us from the curse he put on us after the first perfect plan failed.

    • Nerdsamwich

      WHAT IF!!! the perfect plan was to introduce imperfection? Maybe the creation of sin was the whole point. Mind, meet Blown!

      • http://skepticink.com/dangeroustalk Dangerous Talk

        By definition, it can’t be perfect if it is imperfect. That’s logic 101. Mind not even remotely blown. Try again next time.

        • Nerdsamwich

          I see that perhaps there is a sarcasm meter in need of recalibration. It may even be mine. I was under the impression that I was being obviously facetious, but it appears that, instead, I Poe’d my pants.

  • Rafael

    This reminded me of Jimmy Five. Probably not so famous offshores, he’s a very recognizable character among adults who grew up reading Brazilian author Maurício de Sousa’s comic books between the 1960s and the 1990s, Monica’s Gang.

    Well, Jimmy Five’s “nemesis” was Monica, a super strong girl who “owned the street.” Every and other issue, Jimmy Five had an “infallible plan” to defeat Monica and become the “owner of the street.” His plans always failed, of course, most of the time because he wasn’t able to predict his best friend Smudge would fumble and screw everything up…

  • G

    … He gave us free will. So that we would not be “perfect” robots, we could choose to love and serve god.
    Love cannot exist without free will.

    • http://skepticink.com/dangeroustalk Dangerous Talk

      More plot holes. Why can’t love exist without free will? Why does God have to hide himself in order for us to have free will to follow him? Why couldn’t God come up with a better plan that took free will into account? Not to mention that we are just assuming that free will exists at all… but that’s a discussion for another day. There is plenty on the table right here.

    • Tim Tian

      Even according to the bible Original Sin is bonkers. Read your book.

  • jb231

    The true name of god the dog is, burden failer.

  • jb231

    God is a fraud, a liar, and only shows mercy when you are on your knees crippled with pain and suffering and even then maybe not so much. God is careless and vain. God is planned obsolescence, that is to say it only makes junk designed to fail. At least we don’t make machines with nerve endings to feel the pain of aging as they fall apart. God is a tyrant sadist addicted to punching down. Anyone who follows god or claims love or forgiveness is an attribute of that wicked witch is a senseless fool blinded by cowardice and fear. You want truth, look no further, I am.

  • jb231

    God made you to fade, designed you to die. Most of it’s followers are inbred idiots that can not even pronounce words correctly, for example instead of light they say lot, maybe that is why when they think they are right they will only rot. Twangers are the worst. Stephen Paddock should have been wearing a cape in las vegas because he is a hero. Although I agree with Jesus on almost everything I think he was a fool to have faith in anyone.