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It’s Election Day!

Today I will be performing my duties as an elected official. Last year I won the race for Minority Election Inspector for my local precinct. I won this election by exactly one vote… mine.

Let this be a lesson to everyone, if there is no candidate for a local office that you like, don’t be afraid to write yourself (or someone else) in. If you go to the polls early, see the ballot, and you don’t like any of the candidates for a local office, go home and write up some quick fliers and start a write-in campaign for yourself.

I also would like to encourage everyone to vote Democrat even though they are mostly wusses and let the Republicans walk all over them… and us. The Republicans are just going to be worse and they have already said that if they win majorities in the House and/or Senate they will not compromise in any way.

Here is a great video:

I would like to add that I remember which Party doesn’t believe in the Separation of Church and State and that I remember which Party is batshit crazy!

Please VOTE!

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