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Vatican On The Run

Over the last few weeks, more and more of the mainstream media have been talking about the “crisis in the Vatican” or “Pope-gate.” More and more of the general public including Catholics are becoming outraged. The systematic cover-up and protection of child rapists and sexual assault on children is not easy to defend against. But they are trying.

Some Pope defenders have been quick to point out there roughly 100,000 reported cases of sexual assault and child rape over 60 years really isn’t that high when you think about it. There are over one billion Catholics in the world after all. “Couches and guidance councilors molest children too!” This is their brilliant defense. “The world is picking on the Catholics.”

I think that the Vatican has forgotten one really important fact with this defense. There are roughly 100,000 reported cases in which Catholic Priests have raped and/or sexually assaulted children and the Vatican and probably the Pope systematically tried to cover it up and protect those accused from prosecution. If a couch or a guidance councilor molests a child, they should be arrested. If the school attempts to systematically cover it up allowing the individual to continue to molest children, then those involved in the cover up ought to be arrested too.

Another great defense is that the Pope is the head of state and therefore above the law. Some moral authority he is. As soon as accusations are made and the court wants to know what the Pope knows and when the Pope knew it, he cries diplomatic immunity.

Do you know who else had diplomatic immunity? Saddam Hussein was also the head of a state and when Bush thought that he may have broken the law by building weapons, we went in there are arrested him. Right or wrong, we got him and the same could happen with the Pope if enough of the world thinks he really is personally involved.

The more that the Vatican and its defenders try to protect the Pope with these lame-ass defenses, the more people are going to get pissed off at the situation. This would increase the likelihood of a military operation to bring the Pope to justice. Personally, I don’t think that is a good way to go for the Pope. I think it would be better for him to turn himself in and defend himself and the Vatican in an international court of law.

The Pope would have the best lawyers money and blind faith can provide. They would be even better than OJ’s lawyers. If he and the Vatican are found not guilty in an international court of law, then this scandal is over and the Catholic Church can go on hustling money at the collection plate. In fact, they can get even more money from their one billion followers by whining about this whole ordeal and how they were found innocent after all and Satan must have been behind the whole plot or something. I’m sure they’ll have a good angle to raise money some how.

But if they are found guilty, that would be a very destructive blow to the Catholic Church; one which the Church might not be able to recover from. The Catholic Church, the Vatican, and the Pope are all on the run and they know it. The more they run the more guilty they look in the eyes of the general public.

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  • qwertyuiop

    The UN would impose sanctions and even motivate military operations against any other country harboring terrorists and other big time criminals. Time to apply that to the Vatican.

  • http://myspace.com/scott888 Scott

    It would be so awesome if the largest organized branch of Christianity collapsed from this.

    I think in our lifetimes we will witness the fall of Christianity. As atheism continues to rise, Christianity loses their casual or borderline members and gets left with extremists. These extremists get desperate and commit terrorism in the name of their God. The act of terrorism isolates people away from these groups and eventually will die off.

    With Islam, Darwinism is doing it’s job by allowing extremists to suicide left and right and eventually there will be a shortage of people willing to be suicide bombers. These extremists are also suffering habitat destruction in the form of US occupation in the middle east.

  • Bluelock

    Fact: The entire cosmos of massive stars and planets spreading across billions of light years came from what? Nothing. According to science and logic, that’s not possible. It seems logical to conclude that science cannot observe everything that exists. If something cannot come from nothing, then that something from which the creation spewed forth has yet to be observed. Is science blind, or does the source exist outside the realm of time and space?

    Fact: There is no observable instance in which symbolic language is generated from anything but an intelligent source. DNA is a symbolic language describing the construction, metabolism, reproduction and traits of a living organism complete with a support system of decoding, instruction execution, error correction and more.

    Fact: The laws and forces of the universe are finely tuned to support life. This suggests life was the intent of the universes existence. Intent only comes from intelligence.

    Fact: The fossil record shows no gradual changes from one form to another as would be expected by Darwinian evolution but shows abrupt appearances of fully formed life forms. Science has not been able to explain this.

    Fact: A story of a worldwide flood exists in nearly every culture around the world, even those that were isolated. This suggests that it was a real event recorded in the Bible and in the oral history of many cultures.

    Fact: A worldwide flood would leave evidence of a catastrophic event in the geologic record leaving millions of dead and fossilized bones of land and sea creatures in every area of the earth. This is what we see.

    These are all science and facts. So, all science does not point to no God. There is much evidence that the Bible is accurate, both in archeology and in other areas of science. And there is still a vast amount we don’t know, especially when it comes to the basic fabric of the universe. What is it? How did it get here? Science has no viable answers.

    The Bible has answers to these questions of origin. You may not want to believe them, that’s your prerogative. But in many cases the evidence does not disagree.

    One thing we both agree on is that the truth is the truth no matter what you choose to believe. I wish you only the best in your journey though life. Peace.

    • http://skepticink.com/dangeroustalk Dangerous Talk

      Wow, these are opinions, bad arguments, and incorrect data.

      I’m going to go through this one by one because I think you need to understand this.
      “The entire cosmos of massive stars and planets spreading across billions of light years came from what? Nothing. According to science and logic, that’s not possible.”
      It is your opinion that according to science and logic that’s not possible. As it turns out, it not only is possible, but there is actually a substantial amount of evidence showing that the universe does come from nothing and that from nothing everything must come. We see something come from nothing all the time in the universe. Lawrence Krauss talks about this in more detail in his book, “The Universe From Nothing.” You can Google one of his talks on the subject.

      “There is no observable instance in which symbolic language is generated from anything but an intelligent source.”
      This is just meaningless bullshit. All language symbolic or otherwise comes from in intelligent source… namely human beings. We create language. “DNA is a symbolic language…” No, that is merely a human description, not a fact. It is a poetic opinion.

      “The laws and forces of the universe are finely tuned to support life.” Not actually at all. There is no such “design” and the universe is incredibly hostile towards life. It is estimated that only one in nine “sun-like” stars have a planet in the Goldilocks zone and most stars aren’t “sun-like.” While this still leaves billions of possible planets in this galaxy alone that might contain life, that is a very small fraction of our universe. The universe is not finely tuned to support life at all. It it were, there would be many more planets capable of supporting life. The fact is that life is most likely pretty rare in our universe. We are the exception, not the rule.

      “The fossil record shows no gradual changes from one form to another as would be expected by Darwinian evolution but shows abrupt appearances of fully formed life forms.”
      This just shows your ignorance of evolution. For one thing, there is a record of gradual changes and there is also a record of abrupt appearances of large scale changes. “Darwinian evolution” is an old model. Science has progressed in the last 150 years. So your attempt to disprove an old model as if it were the current model is laughably ignorant.

      “A story of a worldwide flood exists in nearly every culture around the world…” The key word here is “nearly.” This shows the flaw of your opinion right here. We don’t actually know that every culture has a flood story. What we do know is that many cultures do have a flood story. However, that flood story has taken place in different time periods depending on the culture so the evidence suggests that they were not all referring to the same event. The fact is that floods exist in many regions of the world and that they cause a great deal of damage and therefore are generally recording in the histories of various cultures. All cultures near volcanoes also record volcanic eruptions, does that mean that there was one point in time where every volcano on Earth erupted at once? Of course not. That would be a poor conclusion to make based on the data. Most ancient cultures developed near water-ways because of the advantage of trade. Therefore, it is logical to assume that they would all have at some point or another had those water-ways flood over. That doesn’t mean that they all experienced a single flood at the same time world wide. That’s a poor conclusion, not a fact.

      None of these are scientific facts and you have yet to provide a single piece of evidence that can be tested under laboratory conditions that even suggest the existence of any deities let alone your deity of choice.

      As for archeology, this too is a ridiculous claim. First off, archeology shows the exact opposite. The Bible has a poor understanding of where cities were located. Some cities changed their names to fit the Biblical stories, and the fact that some cities mentioned in the Bible did really exist does not in any way prove that other aspects of the Bible are true any more than the fact that New York City is a real city proves that Spiderman lives there. Plus, there is the city of Tyre which according to Ezekiel 26 was destroyed by God never to exist again. Archeology not only shows that the city was not destroyed, but that is still exists to this day. Don’t take my word for it, get on a jet plane and go there! Or you can just use Google maps and see satellite images.

      • Bluelock

        Let me correct you on a few of your statements. In the book, “The Universe from Nothing” despite the title, argues that the universe came from a quantum vacuum not literally nothing. He also has no explanation for where the laws of Quantum Mechanics came from. So, he really has no answers. Just as I said. If science is going to argue that the big bang came from a quantum vacuum, we’re really back to square one because, where did that come from? So, my point remains. Science has no clue where the universe came from and the Bible’s answer is more logical than something coming from nothing — which is absurd and breaks the rules of math, logic and physics. An interesting thought considering the topic of your post.

        DNA is no different than a software language. DNA uses molecular symbols to that make up an alphabet to describe functions which are carried out by the cell. Just as computer programs are carried out by a CPU. Software doesn’t write itself. Never has. Never will. Software is written in a language by an intelligent being who has a plan, a purpose and a design. DNA is also written in a language. DNA cannot write itself. How complex is the DNA code required for mitosis? A very basic function of the most elemental form of life. I’m sure it’s extremely complicated. The odds of a complete cell with functions for reproduction, metabolism, mobility, etc all appearing in completed form is too astronomical to happen by chance — even if given billions of years of random chance. To claim DNA is not a language, is to claim software is not a language and everyone agrees that software is a language, it’s not poetic opinion.

        Also, you are confusing my point that the universe is finely tuned to support life with the idea that life is easily created or that inhabitable places are abundant. We are in agrement that life is most likely rare in this universe. You could say, it’s a miracle. What I WAS referring to is the very make up of the universe: the force of gravity and the speed of light, electron mass, proton mass, etc. Tweek the charge on an electron ever so slightly and life in this universe cannot exist. Change gravity ever so slightly and life cannot exist. Change any of the very basic constants, forces or particles and life just could not happen. This isn’t some creationist’s idea, it’s mainstream accepted science. Science has no idea how these constants came to be but we know that there is a very small window for each of them to be in in order for life to exist. And they’re all where they should be for life. Isn’t that an amazing accident? Boy, this universe is full of amazing accidents which resulted in life. So many, I’d really have to deny the evidence to not believe there could be some kind of guiding force behind all this.

        Since I was unclear on my Evolution statement, I’m going to agree with you on part of your answer about the fossil record. That gradual changes do exist, however the gradual changes found do not show a reptile-to-bird transition for example. It only shows small changes due to existing genetic diversity in the gene pool. Like what we see in the diversity in dogs today that have been bred to various shapes, sizes and functions. But they’re all still dogs who are just expressing different genes — not mutations. If I’m wrong, show me all the thousands of examples you should have of one kind of animal gradually changing into another kind over the last few millions of years. Also, you admit to abrupt appearances in the record but evolution REQUIRES millions of years of mutation and natural selection. Science has no answers for these abrupt appearances.

        Your answer to the worldwide flood is simply a re-interpretation of the facts according to your theory. You’re not saying the facts are wrong. You see the facts through the filter of your world view. Your interpretation is weak though. The stories recorded in oral histories are not just of any flood but one that wipes out all of humanity except one family. And the similarities are uncanny — far too similar for chance. And strangely, there are no universal stories of a volcano that destroyed all living things, or fires, or asteroids, or anything else — only a flood story like the one in the Bible. Is this yet another amazing coincidence? I can see how someone who refuses to believe in God would want to interpret this as separate floods, but fact are facts. Anyone who has an open mind and reviews the facts will at least scratch his head in wonder if the story of Noah isn’t true. I’m not saying it’s prima facie evidence. It’s just one of the many pieces of the puzzle that I think points to the Bible being accurate.

        It may never be possible to measure God himself with any scientific instrument. If God is supernatural, then by definition He exists is outside of our realm. But we can observe the power He must have to create the fiery stars, to speak the universe into being, that he’s a God of order and logic since those laws are built in to His universe, etc. We can also ask the question, if the Bible is true, then we would expect to see things like millions of dead things fossilized all over the earth, Abrupt appearances of life in the fossil record, no rational explanation for the beginning of the Universe/space/time/natural laws, Evidence of a sudden beginning to the universe, no rational explanation for the beginning of life. Evidence in Archeology of cities and events described in the Bible. And we see all of these things. A short quote from Romans 1:20: “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities–His eternal power and divine nature–have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so the people are without excuse.” The Bible says God is evident in His creation. I see that to be true.

        Please back up your statements. Name a city that changed its name to a biblical city and falsely represents itself as the original biblical city. Give me an example of the bible being inaccurate with city locations.

        And lastly, The Tyre prophecy is complicated and a complete explanation would require more words than I care to type in this forum, but in a nutshell the Bible predictions deal with one of two cities named Tyre. There’s “old/ancient” Tyre which was on the mainland of Phoenicia, and “new” Tyre which was island off the coast of the ancient city of Tyre (now a peninsula thanks to Alexander the Great). The way I understand it is, all the biblical predictions happened to the ancient city of Tyre which is now non-existant. History records that the rubble of the destroyed city was cast into the ocean (as predicted in Ezekiel) by Alexander the Great when he built the mole to new Tyre during his siege of that island fortress.

        Thank you and I hope our conversation brings us both to a deeper understanding each other’s viewpoint. Peace.

        • http://skepticink.com/dangeroustalk Dangerous Talk

          A quantum vacuum is nothing! We see something coming from nothing all the time in our universe. Then there is the fact that space and time are linked. As such, there can be no “before” space. Stephen Hawking put it this way, “What is south of the south pole?”

          DNA is like software. We describe it as being similar to software because it is easier for us to understand it that way. Here you are caught up in a language game of your own making.

          Unicorns are like animals, animals exist, therefore unicorns exist.

          That might sound like a valid argument, but it doesn’t make it true. The truth-value the existence of unicorns is still false. Plus, DNA did have an intelligent designer… natural selection.

          Please Google the fine tuning argument. Look it up on Wikipedea or something. Voltaire addressed this awhile back. It turns out that our noses were perfectly designed to hold up glasses. I don’t know if you realized that or not.

          Actually the fossil record does indeed show a reptile to bird transition. You are simply not up on the current science. You are arguing against the 150 year-old version of the theory that has been revised to fit more recent discoveries.

          Evolution is small changes over time but over time, small changes add up. All fossils are transitional fossils! Abrupt changes often occur because of abrupt changes in the environment. Animals have to either adapt or die. Natural Selection explains this easily.

          The flood. No, there is no other culture that has a story where a flood wiped out the entire world except one family. First of all, they couldn’t know this as people could not travel the entire world to confirm such an account. Second as I pointed out, most civilizations build their cities by major waterways for the advantage of trade. They did not build their cities at the base of volcanoes because their was no reason to do so. Some are built by volcanoes because those volcanoes are near waterways! Third as I pointed out before and you completely ignored, the various cultures don’t date the respected floods at the same time. This obviously not consistent with a single flood theory. Plus there are areas not near waterways that do not have such stories. Then there is the shear ridiculousness of the story itself. The logistics of fitting animals with different habitats and dietary needs on a single boat is laughable, let alone the number of animals on Earth. We couldn’t do it today with all our technology. We couldn’t fit all that on every aircraft carrier combined if we had to. So the idea that a single family of bronze-aged goat herders did it is just silly.

          Nebula create the fiery stars. And the city of Tyre is still around and you can Google it. The Bible doesn’t say the city of Old Tyre or the city of New Tyre, it said the city of Tyre and it was wrong!

          • Bluelock

            Ok, well this conversation is getting ridiculous. Clearly you are just going to disagree with whatever I say without actually looking into it. Here’s a quote from Wikipedia about Quantum Vacuum:

            “According to present-day understanding of what is called the vacuum state or the quantum vacuum, it is “by no means a simple empty space”,[1] and again: “it is a mistake to think of any physical vacuum as some absolutely empty void.”[2] According to quantum mechanics, the vacuum state is not truly empty but instead contains fleeting electromagnetic waves and particles that pop into and out of existence.” So a quantum vacuum is not NOTHING. End of story. You’re wrong.

            Nebulae create stars? What created the Nebulae? What created the gas and dust? It all comes back to the fact that science does not know.

            The rest of your argument is similarly incorrect and illogical. And you have yet to back up your statements that the Bible is inaccurate with city locations. And that cities have renamed themselves in order to become the Biblical city by identity theft.

            Noah didn’t have to have two of every living thing, just two of every kind. Dates are not necessary to establish commonality. How many worldwide floods have there been? Bruce Masse, an environmental archaeologist at Los Alamos National Laboratory is using those stories as the basis of his hypothesis that a comet hit the earth and caused a worldwide catastrophic event (which includes flooding). This well respected scientist has no problem linking the stories as one global event. He says, “Mythology can help us hypothesize about events that might have occurred,” he says, “but to prove the reality of them, we have to go beyond myths and search for physical evidence.” And that’s all I’m saying. It’s another piece of the puzzle.

            One last thing. I was on a jury for a case about driving under the influence. The arresting officer offered much evidence in his testimony. The man was swaying, and slurring his words, etc. The defending attorney has a possible explanation for each individual statement. Like, maybe when he stood up from getting out of the car he got a bit dizzy and that caused him to sway. It happens all the time. Maybe he just felt like swaying. Did you ask him not to sway? Maybe he was slurring his words because of a medical condition. All the evidence had a possible alternative explanation besides drunkenness. However, when taken all together, the evidence pointed to guilty. Similarly, you are finding alternative reasons for each individual point of evidence, but when taken together, it all points in one direction. The probabilities are off-the-charts impossible that there’s a naturalistic explanation for our existence. Facts are stubborn things and they don’t change because we have deeply held beliefs.

            • http://skepticink.com/dangeroustalk Dangerous Talk

              If you read the Universe From Nothing, you would know that there is no such thing as “nothing” as you think of it. That is the point of the book. Quantum Vacuum is nothing. The problem is that nothing is actually something. Your quote from Wikipedia explains exactly that.

              But that doesn’t matter to you. Facts are indeed stubborn things and you don’t care a bit about the facts. All you care about is trying to mangle the facts to justify your predetermined faith. Instead of following the evidence to where it leads, you have made your conclusion and are desperately trying to find anything you can to justify that conclusion.

              Nebulae create stars. The Big Bang created nebulae. Before that, we have no information… however, since the Big Bang was the start of space and space/time are linked, the question of before the universe doesn’t make sense. Again, Stephen Hawking asked the question, what is south of the south pole? You failed to address this because you can’t. It shows that the question itself is meaningless. It is a category error, just like much of your arguments. For the record, that is all you have presented, poor arguments and poor speculation. You have not presented any actual evidence.

              Your claim about a global flood is speculation which currently does not fit the facts. Like I said before, reports of various catastrophic floods are 1. not universal, and 2. not within the same time period. If this scientist has a hypothesis that there may have been a comet that caused world wide catastrophe, he would have to present that evidence. It is certainly possible, and may explain some of these events, but his evidence would have to go through the peer review process and as far as you have shown, it hasn’t. Second, if such an event did occur that caused these alleged floods, then that kind of destroys your argument that God did it. So that is a lose/lose for you.

              Like I said before, there are millions of “kinds” of animals with radically different habitat and dietary needs. We could not fit every “kind” of animal, animal habitat, and food for those animals, on all of our aircraft carriers today. To claim that a single bronze-age family could do it is ridiculously silly. As for the “kinds” of animals, that term is meaningless anyway.

              No evidence has ever been found to support the claim that someone named Noah built a giant ark and it isn’t because people haven’t tried. Every decade or so, some Christian group funds the search to find a scrap of evidence and every time they claim to have found a piece of the ark, it turns out to be bullshit. Billions of dollars have been spent looking for any thing that could even remotely be called a part of the ark and nothing have been found to have any validity. But why bother? It isn’t really about evidence for you anyway. It is just faith. The thing is that if you have evidence, you don’t need faith. Faith is what you need when you’ve got nothing.

              You don’t have a man slurring his words. You don’t have a guy walking funny. And you definitely don’t have a breathalyzer reading. You’ve not nothing.

              City that Changed it’s name: Nazareth
              Google: Gospel of Mark Geography