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The H1N1 Conspiracy

Yesterday, I got the H1N1 vaccine. But for weeks now, I have been hearing about all the conspiracies and concerns in relation to this vaccine. Some seem perfectly rational and understandable while others are as ridiculous as the Abrahamic God.

The more ridiculous concerns about this particular vaccine deal with the evil Illuminati. Apparently, they created the decease and the vaccine so that they can infect everyone with something evil that will allow them to some how control the world in a way that all vast money and power doesn’t allow. People who believe that kind of crap need straitjackets.

Then there are those who believe that all vaccines have Thermisol in them and that Thermisol causes autism. These people are victims of misinformation and ignorance. The fact is that not all of the H1N1 vaccines have Thermisol in them. Some do and some don’t. All vaccines made for children below age 6 are required to be Thermisol-free just because the CDC has better things to do that present the actual science to hysterical parents. The fact is the Thermisol does not cause autism. This has been shown over and over again through numerous studies and even in court cases.

Bill Maher and many others are concern that the H1N1 vaccine is a symptom of larger problems. They think that our medical industry has been taken over by large corporations who only care about profit and as such, have manipulated the media into thinking that H1N1 is more dangerous then it is. They also think that the human body is better without all the drugs and unnatural chemicals that people pump into their bodies on a regular basis. And finally, they think that modern medicine tends to treat the symptoms of illness rather then the actual decease itself.

Maher’s concerns are valid concerns to some extent. The medical industry has been taken over by large corporations who care more about profit than healing people. But it is still a leap to claim that the medical industry no longer cares about healing people at all. The fact is that they make profit by healing people… for a while. More funding probably does go to treating symptoms rather than curing deceases. The media doesn’t need any manipulation to make people think that H1N1 is more deadly than it actually is. They do that on their own. But that isn’t to say that H1N1 isn’t deadly at all. It is deadly, but it is not a plague of Biblical proportions that will wipe out all life on Earth.

Maher is also correct in that most people pump themselves full of crap. The fact is that the food most people eat is not healthy. I should know; I eat the worst of it. Even our fruits and vegetables have pesticides on them. There is pollution in our air and pollution in our water. These things probably do contribute a lot to the health problems in America. But natural doesn’t always equal healthy and many times the chemicals that are put into foods can make us healthier.

But people can sometimes go in the complete opposite direction too. There are people who think that everyone needs to get every vaccine. This goes too far. While it is true that with some vaccines everyone ought to get because society needs a herd immunization so that we can kill the decease completely (like with small pox), other vaccines don’t require a herd immunity. The Chicken Pox for example is not that deadly a decease and if children get the decease while they are young they are in a sense vaccinated for life.

The seasonal flu isn’t going to go away anytime soon and it isn’t a deadly decease to most people either. Most people really don’t need the seasonal flu shot. Nor do most people need the H1N1 vaccine. But there are certain people who are recommended to get those vaccines. Children should get these vaccines because their immune systems aren’t fully developed yet and because viruses like the flu spread quickly in places like schools. Pregnant women and people over 50 should get it as well. Some people who have certain chronic medical conditions are also in the “at risk” category and should get the flu shot and the H1N1 shot. And finally, people to care for those who are in the “at risk” category should get these vaccines. That last one was the reason why I got vaccinated this year. Most years, I don’t even bother with the flu shot, but now I take care of my 8 month old son who needs to be protected.

I think people shouldn’t get every vaccine that the drug companies create and that we shouldn’t allow the media to get us terrified of the latest decease. We also shouldn’t avoid all vaccines ether. We ought to think and be judicious about the vaccines we get and the medicines we take. Not all medicines are helpful to all people. We should realize that the drug companies aren’t out to get us nor are they benevolent deities in their own right. They are people who want to help other people and who want to make a profit. Sometimes they put helping people over making a profit. Sometimes they put profits above people. Most of the time, they try to find a way to help people and make a profit at the same time.

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