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The Martin Luther King Jr. Was a Christian Argument

Whenever I talk about all the immoral and horrible things that Christianity is responsible for in the world, some Christian will always respond by reminding me that Martin Luther King Jr. was a Christian. Guess what? The Christian is correct Martin Luther King Jr. was indeed a Christian. So what? Hitler was a Christian too. […]

Christians Believe People are Evil

One of the issues that I have always had with Christianity is that belief that human beings are inherently evil. This means that every time they speak to another human being, they think they are talking to an evil person. Now, I know that some people will claim that not all Christians see other people […]

Vicarious Redemption of Sin

A lot of times I talk about the immorality of Christianity. Most of the time, Christians and even a few atheists jump to defend Christianity by talking about various good deeds particular Christians have done and continue to do. But I wasn’t talking about Christians being immoral; I was talking about Christianity being immoral. What […]

Are Atheists Trying to Taking Away Happiness?

Many theists complain to me that I shouldn’t criticize religion because it makes them happy. They accuse me of “trying to take away their happiness.” I find this accusation to be a sad attempt at a conversation stopper. For starters, I don’t think I am trying to take anyone’s happiness away any more than drug […]

The Bubble of Truth

In George Orwell’s book 1984, there is a very interesting and often overlooked conversation. In this conversation, O’Brian informs Winston that he (O’Brian) can float on a bubble. O’Brian then contends that if Winston and he both believe this to be true and no one is around to disagree than it is in fact true […]


Recently I watched a video on YouTube where a girl was talking about how she was involved in a “service” project aimed at helping missionaries give food, water, and medical supplies to a third world country. I have to say that this type of thing makes me sick to my stomach. While I am all […]

The Most Dangerous Religion

Many times when I am discussing the dangerousness of Christianity with Christians, the Christians will ask me why I am not discussing Islam, which they claim, is more dangerous. This of course doesn’t absolve or defend against the charge that I am making about the dangerousness of Christianity. In fact, Islam could be the most […]

Reminder: The Evils of Christianity

It seems that every few months I have to remind people of the evils of Christianity. I guess I could always just recount the long and bloody history of torture, wars, and miscellaneous cruelty, which has taken place specifically because Christians believed that was what the God of the Bible wanted them to do. I […]

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