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‘If It’s Not God, It’s Atheism’

Occasionally, I run into Christians who are very upset when atheists oppose their attempts to push their beliefs on everything from high school gymnasiums to dollar bills. They are so upset that they can’t give a shout-out to their deity on everything that they actually try to play the persecuted card.

At some point in these conversations, the Christian will tell me that not giving a shout-out to their deity is pushing atheism. In other words, according to these believers, if you don’t mention God you are pushing atheism. Could this really be the case?

If you pick up a book on golfing and it doesn’t mention Christianity, then the book is pushing atheism? According to this self-absorbed view of Christianity, the answer is yes. I would ask, what is the reasoning behind this?

The answer: Well, atheism is a lack of belief in God, so if something lacks a mention of God, then it is pushing atheism. This is the type of logic you get from people who don’t respect logic. Atheism isn’t the lack of all things God; it is the lack of BELIEF in gods.

Pushing atheism would be pushing everyone to lack belief in gods. I’m more than happy to do that, but it should be pointed out that most atheist billboards don’t even do that.

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