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Ungrateful Theist!

Recently, a Christian told me that I was an ungrateful person because I was an atheist. He claimed that because I don’t thank God for my existence, that I was an ungrateful person. Personally, I think the opposite is true. I think theists are the ungrateful ones.

The people I am grateful to for my existence are my parents. They had sex and then spend the rest of their lives raising me. I am grateful to my friends and family for helping me to succeed in life and for contributing to my happiness. I only hope I can earn their gratitude with my support for them as well.

Football players waste their gratitude on deities instead of the coaches, trainers, teammates, and countless others who have helped them win their big game. So while they may be grateful to imaginary friends, they are ungrateful to those who actually matter most. It is the same with most who profess gratitude to the supernatural. Misplaced gratitude is no gratitude at all.

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