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2011 Excitement

Now that 2010 is almost over and Jupiter has still not turned into a second Sun, I want to take a moment to let everyone know about a few of the things Dangerous Talk has planned for 2011.

On January 12th, I will be a guest of the fundamentalist Christian radio show “Bob Enyart Live.” About a week ago, Hemant Mehta (The Friendly Atheist) was a guest for two segments of “Bob Enyart Live.” In the first segment he did okay, but the second half-hour he really was getting frustrated and in my opinion got slaughtered. He attributed it to the old bait and switch but the fact is that he did no opposition research. Whenever you go on Christian radio you really have to expect them to be hostile and be pleasantly surprised if they are not. In any case, I was critical of his performance on his blog and so Bob Enyart’s producer checked out Dangerous Talk and asked me if I was interested.

So while I am excited about the exposure, I have little confidence that they will put the show up in full if Bob comes off poorly. So I need someone in Colorado to tape the show for me digitally. If you live in Colorado and can do this, please e-mail me. I have checked out Bob’s website and done some other research into some of his positions. I am not sure exactly what angle I am going to use yet, but I do have some ideas.

The second exciting thing going on in 2011 will be in mid February when Project Reason’s second video contest begins. I am really excited about this because I have come up with a new argument to disprove god… all gods included the vague higher power god. I am really hoping to win this contest with my argument which is less then a minute long.

Entries can be submitted in January, so I will probably submit it toward the end of January and won’t be using it on Bob Enyart’s show. I think I will set the release date at January 28th. Voting begins on February 15th.

I can’t even express how excited I am about this new argument. I have only run it past a few people so far and I think it really is an awesome new argument that actually disproves the God concept.

Sometime in 2011, I am hoping to create a new Billboard campaign here in the Philadelphia area through the Philadelphia Coalition of Reason. The billboard I have planned is similar to the UnitedCoR’s “Don’t believe in God? You are not alone” campaign, but I have spiced it up slightly. I am still in the beginning stages of putting this together, but I am very optimistic and excited about this project.

The last thing that I will talk about today is my excitement over the eminent Rapture. Harold Camping is back again with yet another prediction about the end of the world. This time it is May 21st 2011. He really wants to beat the Mayan’s on this one. I am excited to do something in honor of all these Christians being Raptured from the Earth.

2011 is going to be an exciting year and I want to thank all of the Dangerous Talk supporters and readers for your continued support and readership. The contributions are very important in helping to spread our message and spreading various blog posts and Examiner articles through social networking sites is also very important in literally spreading our message. Thanks,

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