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The Soul Over The Person

One of the problems with Christianity is that it values an imaginary essence of a person over the life of the actual person. The health of the soul trumps the health of the living breathing human being according.

In Matthew 5:29 we learn that it is actually better to pluck out ones eye and cut off one’s hand if it benefits the soul. The idea is that this life isn’t important and so hurting one self or others is okay as long as it could benefit the soul. Unfortunately, According to Christianity the soul is a pretty frail and is vulnerable to so many really ridiculous things. For instance, working on Saturday is a sin that damages the soul.

Now of course there is no actual soul so none of this really matters, but the problem is that instead of dealing with human health, many Christians seem more concerned with the health of the soul. This is a particular problem when dealing with modern medicine.

As more research is being done on stem cells, we can expect more and more Christians to refuse advanced medical treatments out of a greater concern for their immortal souls.

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  • http://www.socialinjustices.net dlevitt

    It ceases to amaze the logical mind. Hopefully help is on the horizon as we are discovering the key to reverse the aging process, maybe fewer and fewer people will have the need to assume they must believe in such fantasies to obtain eternal life. If just enough people got to where we didn’t have to fear death so much because of our relatively short life spans, maybe we could evolve out of this horrendous line of thinking.