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Tricking People to God

During the first week of my freshman year at college, I noticed a newspaper of campus called “The Rampage.” My university’s mascot was the Ram, so I figured that it must be the campus newspaper. It certainly looked like the campus newspaper. The front page had a typical story which one would expect to find on the front page of a campus newspaper. The sad fact is that this was not the campus newspaper, it was a trick.

A few weeks ago, a woman came to my door wanting to give me a pamphlet about depression. The front page of the pamphlet said, “Depression” in large letters. It looked interesting enough and she wasn’t asking me for any money or anything. So I said thank you and as I opened up the pamphlet, she ran off as quickly as she could. The sad fact is that it wasn’t really a pamphlet about depression, it was a trick.

As you might have guessed, both the newspaper and the depression pamphlet were really Christian propaganda designed to trick people into picking it up. These are not isolated examples either. I could list several similar examples and I am sure some of you will post some of yours in the comment section.

Do Christians really believe that their message is so weak that they actually have to trick people into hearing it? It certainly seems that way.

Many Christian groups and churches use this type of bait and switch technique to get people into religion. It just seems so dishonest. Isn’t there a Ten Commandment about baring false witness or something? I think that if you have to trick someone into believing something that should be your first clue that maybe what you are pushing is bullshit; I just saying.

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