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Tweethen Twend on Twitter

If you take a look at the blogs on MySpace, it is clear that there is a very large atheist presence on that social networking site. According to Penn Jillette, atheists, agnostics, Humanists, and nones are the number three response to the question of religion on Facebook. That isn’t even counting Pastafarians, Jedi, or those who make up funny answers instead. Now it is time to take over Twitter.

One function of Twitter is the Hashtags. These are used to search categories and to track particular subject matters. Currently, the only hashtags that I am aware of for atheism is #atheist or #atheism. But these are pretty obvious and often times Christians will use them to proselytize. We need one universal hashtag.

Recently, a twitter friend used the term “Tweethen” in one of her Tweets and I think that would make for a great universal atheist hashtag. I encourage everyone to make #Tweethen their atheist hashtag. If enough of us use it, perhaps we can even make it a Twend, lol.

Even when you do your FollowFridays, please also use #Tweethen. Let other atheists and freethinkers know that this will be the new atheist hashtag.

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