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Republicans love to call anyone who disagrees with them names. Usually it is Socialist or Nazi (despite the fact that these are two completely opposite political philosophies). But then they go with anarchist which is an pretty interesting choice considering that they often claim that liberals are for big government which is last I checked the exact opposite of anarchy.

Interestingly enough, Republicans want to gut the government and get rid of all regulations (i.e. rules) which sounds a lot like anarchy to me. So they can’t have it both ways. Either liberals want government to control your lives or liberals are anarchists.

In truth, I just want government to regulate corporations so that they don’t pollute my air and water in order to save a few dollars. I think some regulations and laws are good if they protect the general public. Some laws are bad however if they start policing what people can do in their personal lives which don’t hurt others. For example, car companies should be required to put seat belts in cars, but people shouldn’t be required by law to use them (although it is usually a good idea to use them). It should be illegal for corporations to screw you, but legal for you to screw any consenting adult.

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