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Occupying Wall Street From Home

It would be great if we could all go to NYC, lock hands, and join the Occupy Wall Street fight, but for whatever reason we can’t make it. Fortunately, there are now OWS protests in various cities around the country and even the world. Soon we will start to see these protests popping up in small towns too. But still, not everyone will be able to make it. But not to worry you can still protest from home.

I should stress that there really is no substitute for going to one of the protests, so if you can protest, you should protest. However, if you can’t (like in my case my wife is about to have a baby any minute) I have two ideas to pass on to you today and a third idea which I created and will share tomorrow (assuming my wife hasn’t had the baby yet).

First, we have to fight money with money. So if you have some money please consider donating some to the Occupy effort or to the Wolf-PAC. Wolf-PAC was set up by Cenk Ugyer of The Young Turks to create a grassroots movement to force a Constitutional Convention so that we can create an amendment to the Constitution that would end corporate personhood. I’ll let Cenk explain it:

The second idea was present to me a few days ago and I think it is pretty brilliant. You can use your junk mail to send a message to Wall Street. How awesome is that?

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