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What If It Is True?

Often times when I get into a discussion about religion with a Christian they will abruptly stop the discussion and ask me a particular question. Sometimes they even ask this question after I have shown the ridiculousness of the story pointing out plot hole after plot hole. “What if it is true?”

Sure I can suspend disbelief and tell them that if it were all true I would be forced to accept that God exists, but I still would refuse to follow such a tyrant and so my fate would be eternal Hell. I would then tell them what Socrates said to Crito that it is always better to receive an injustice than to do one and so I could never be a Christian even if it were all true.

However, it is more likely that Star Wars is all true. If you think about it, the Star wars films are far more consistent with much less plot holes (and even they have a few). So what if Star Wars is all true and there really is a Force that surrounds us and binds us together? Shouldn’t you try to learn about the Force?

But there really is no need to get into the fictional world of Star Wars to address the fictional world of Christianity here. We could ask that same question with any religion. What if Islam is all true and Allah is the one true God? Would a Christian start praying toward Mecca? I doubt it. Or, how about Scientology or Mormonism, what if they are true?

For me, as a Humanist, it doesn’t matter if these religions are true, they still preach immorality and so they are still bad for humanity. Even if they were true, I would never worship in those religions. While Christians believe that morality is just God’s whim, I actually have a solid objective foundation for moral judgments. So even if Christianity were true (which for the record it isn’t), it still wouldn’t be a moral path. Calling it a moral path or “the” moral path doesn’t make it so.

So if Christianity were true, then I would believe in God and I believe I would tell him to go fuck himself for being such a cruel tyrant who created a flawed system on purpose in which trillions of people will be tortured for all eternity and who believes that is the moral thing to do.

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