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No, I didn’t misspell the holiday, I renamed it. Recently, there has been a new fundamentalist Christian movement to take back Halloween for the prudish and those who are fun impaired. The Jesusween movement encourages wacky Christians to give out Bibles instead of candy when kids come knocking on the door. But I want to create a movement of my own: The Helloween movement.

I want to encourage people to dress in scantily clad and/or blasphemous costumes and knock on the doors of the ultra-religious even when their lights are out. It really is that simple. Some people are just easily offended and so I have no problem encouraging people to oblige offending them. I should also use this opportunity to remind readers about the ongoing Halloween Forever project.

Here are a few articles I wrote on Halloween. Please consider sharing them on all your social networks:
Halloween: An atheist perspective
Atheist Halloween Costumes
Why do atheists celebrate Halloween?

Happy Halloween!

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