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Halloween Forever Project

Halloween Forever

Halloween is one of the greatest holiday ever for three reasons… 1. People get to dress up in sexy, funny, creative, and offensive costumes. 2. People give away free candy. 3. The Religious Right calls this holiday “Satan’s Holiday.” As a result, Dangerous Talk is sponsoring the Halloween Forever Project.
Here is what you have to do: Take a picture of yourself, a friend, or friends in your Halloween costumes holding the Dangerous Talk logo) and send it to the blog at DangerousTalk@gmail.com

We will post the pictures in this Halloween Forever section of DangerousTalk.net. Feel free to be sexy, funny, creative, and/or offensive.

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Legal disclaimer: Photos may be used for publicity purposes, all rights are shared with Staks Studios.

Batgirl and Robin
Batgirl & Robin at Comic Con NY 2009

Green Haired Chick
Comic Con NY 2009
Krod Mandoon

Promoting the New Comedy Central TV series Krod Mandoon
Staks & Jenny

The First Couple of Dangerous Talk themselves, Staks & Jenny, defending reason and freedom.
James and Sonya

Read Dangeorus Talk… or meet the Executioners’ Blade!
Pirate Shaun

Walk the plank! ARGGG

The Corporate Devil himself, Asmodeous Azarak, shows his support for the evil that is… Dangerous Talk!
Az & Jacque

The Corperate Devil finds another seemingly helpless victim.

3 out of 4 Number 6's support Dangerous Talk

3 out of 4 Number 6′s support Dangerous Talk

Willy Wonka

Dangerous Talker Derynie dressed as Willy Wonka

©2006 Staks Studios
  • http://twitter.com/Infidel_1954 Robert Ketterman

    I am a Christian who just recently was revived from atheism(I was A Christian years ago). I do believe that sex was created by a Holy and perfect Spirit of love. Can sexual fantasy become evil? I think yes. If a person were having fantasies of child rape and molestation, this would be one example of how evil powers can use the beautiful gift of sex for abominable practices.

    • Anonymous

      I agree that if someone acts on fantasies that result in child rape or molestation, it is wrong. But why limit inapprorpriate behavior to stem only from sexual fantasies? Someone could have a fantasy about killing his neighbor or killing is neighbor’s child – if those fantasies are acted upon, it is also wrong/evil. Why single out sex? By telling people any sexual fantasy is sinful, the counselor is doing great harm to that person’s sexuality.

      Also, the decision to act (or not) on a fantasy is entirely the responsibility of the person having the fantasy. Any fantasy. About anything, ever. Having the fantasy does not make someone evil/bad/sinful. It is the acts and behavior that the person does (based on fantasy or not) that makes him good/bad or his acts legal/illegal.

      Moreover, the blogger made a point to use the phrase ‘consenting adults’ each time he referred to acting on a fantasy. Children, in the case of child rape or molestation, cannot legally or knowingly consent or offer inormed consent to be raped or molested. Thus, focusing on fantasies/actions born out of fantasies of child rape do not belong in a conversation about sexual acts between consenting adults.

    • http://skepticink.com/dangeroustalk Dangerous Talk

      Unrelated question: When you say you were an atheist, what do you mean by that? Were you active? Did/do you know the arguments and counter-arguments? Etc.

  • http://www.atheistrev.com/ vjack

    Regarding depression, my main tip would be to seek professional help. Talk to your family doctor about medication, and consider finding a good counselor, psychologist, or other helping professional. As for transitioning away from religion, connecting with others who have been through it can be helpful. Find an atheist group or even an online community of atheists.

  • qbsmd

    This article (http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2013/05/130522-tornado-climate-change-oklahoma-science-global-warming/) claims that even though the argument you mentioned is intuitive, the poles have been warming more quickly than lower latitudes, which should result in a weaker jet stream and lower wind shear. It also claims that based on NOAA data there have not been more high-strength tornados detected, and more frequent low-strength tornados are likely a result of better detection. Similarly, more damage is expected due to higher populations.

  • http://skepticink.com/dangeroustalk Dangerous Talk

    That was an interesting article, but it seems that the data is still pretty inconclusive. The temperature change favors stronger tornadoes, but the wind may not be there. Here is the thing though. If there is a strong wind for whatever reason, the temperature change would probably increase the strength of the tornado. But We’ll have to see what other studies and models say. Thanks for the article.

  • Randy

    I am an atheist but am in no way a believer that humans have been the primary cause of climate change. Climate change has always occured since the inception of this planet and will continue to change. BTW I am a conservative Libertarian so I guess atheists run on both sides of the political spectrum.