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The Missionary Position

The public relations arm of the Christianity long ago realized that they can get more converts with honey. So they came up with this idea of going to under developed nations and helping them out. While they are at it, they can push their religion on those who are physically and emotionally not in a position to reasonably debate them. This helps them win converts at home and in the third world nations as well. This is called the Missionary position.

Personally, I find it unconscionable to push unverified beliefs on people who are not in a position to physically, cognitively, or emotionally to disagree. Even though many people agree with me on this, the argument has always been made that at least the Missionaries are saving lives and helping people. Even many atheists are willing to let this extremely immoral behavior pass because of the services these religious people provide. Now however, there is an alternative.

For example, in the horn of Africa there is wide spread drought and famine. Tens of thousands of people have already died due to the famine and millions more are at risk. Church groups see this as a perfect opportunity to proselytize. Atheists on the other hand see this as a great opportunity to help people and not push beliefs on them. In this way we can also lead by example and show people how wrong it is to take advantage of these people.

Foundation Beyond Belief is working with various other secular organizations to help those in this region of Africa. As a community, I think it is really important to help other human beings in a secular way without pushing religion on them. You can help. Please check out the Foundation Beyond Belief and donate to their campaign.

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