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In My Reality…

Sometimes I get into conversations with New Age religious believers. Interestingly enough, they often start the conversation with three interesting words. Christians sometimes use these same three words in conversations too, but they usually don’t start the conversation with them. Those three words are, “In my reality…”

The problem is that I think these people don’t really understand what the term “reality” means. We don’t all live in separate realities. There may be other parallel realities out there, but as far as I know no one has been to one and no one can even prove they exist. While it makes for great sci-fi, going to another reality is not yet a reality (sorry, couldn’t resist).

So for practical purposes, there really is only one reality and we all live in it regardless of what religious believers might believe. For example, no one would take me seriously if I said that in my reality babies can fly. In fact, if I really believed that and tried to throw a baby off the roof, I bet you that those people who claim that they have their own reality will be pretty certain that my reality is not really reality.

It seems to me that claims of individualistic realities are really just a way of expressing false tolerance. It isn’t a statement that everyone’s realities are equally valid. Instead, it is just a way of protecting beliefs that have no evidence and are usually even contrary to the evidence. Anyone who claims that the laws of physics are different in their reality just isn’t living in reality (metaphorically speaking).

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