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Preaching to the Emotionally Vulnerable

Ever wonder why missionaries travel to third world nations full of starving people in order to preach Jesus? Sure, maybe they go to feed the starving people out of the compassion in their hearts, but if that were true they would leave their Bibles at home. Instead, the feeding the hungry just acts as a cover for their real “mission.” Their orders are to convert people to Jesus. Starving people who are so hungry that it is hard for them to think straight are easier to convert than the well-fed people of modern American society.

Ever wonder why missionaries travel to prisons full of people who have fallen prey to hard times and are more often than not filled with anger and rage? Maybe they actually care about those who mainstream society have locked up and forgotten, but if that were the reason, they would leave their Bibles at home and just go and be compassionate. It seems that missionaries have another “mission” in mind.

In every instance, Christians Missionaries seem to go where they can find the people who are most emotionally, mentally, and/or physically vulnerable and then go to work on trying to convert them. Sometimes they go to foreign nations, prisons, funerals, soup kitchens, and any place where people might be vulnerable. Is their message so weak that they have to wait until someone is at a particularly weak and vulnerable moment in order to better convert them? Okay, yes.

Even when Ray Comfort and Mike Seaver go to spring break outings and ask college kids about the Ten Commandments, they are preying on those who are often drunk and/or ignorant at a time when they aren’t in the mindset to think critically about the tall tales being told to them. They are hoping to find people who have hit rock bottom due to excessive partying and alcoholism and prey on them at this weak moment in their lives.

It just seems to me that if the Christian message was so obvious and true, Christian Missionaries and Evangelists wouldn’t constantly be trying to trick people into believe at times and places in which they are most vulnerable.

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  • Scott

    Yes, missionary trips are the one of the greatest forms of evil known to man. I know a family that is moving to New Guinea for a year or two as a missionary trip. But this is completely a dual motive. They want to use the churches money to travel the world and do the bare minimum requirements for the missionary trip. It seems the vast majority of people that do missionary trips do it because the church makes it a fun time for them.

    I also know a person that suffered from depression so bad that she had to quit her job as a social worker and draw social security from the government. She was so desperate to overcome depression she decided to go to a place called Mercy Ministries which is some church home that deals with girls that have issues. She left in March. Within the home they aren’t allowed to have access to the internet and they make them clean alot because it teaches them to be independent. These institutes do controversial things sometimes like exorcisms though they deny they do so. I am waiting until her six months there are up to hear that the place didn’t do jack ship and increased her dependence on religion to be happy.

    But really, it’s pretty bad when a church has to pick on the vulnerable people to indoctrinate them. Perhaps atheists need a counter this system. Couldn’t vulnerable people also be prone to drop their religion altogether? People are more likely to overcome something once they realize they can’t rely on a crutch but only themselves.

  • Barry

    What I LOVE is how they refuse to promote condoms when they are s CLEARLY needed in these places, to prevent AIDS, and the birth of MORE starving people!!!

  • http://entrainer.sourceforge.net Burton Alexander

    Very well said.


  • DeafAtheist

    Their excuse is likely to be that those who are most vulnerable have the biggest need for Jebus in their lives.

  • http://www.poweressence.com/ Maxwell Jennings

    Yes, they do tend to hit up the truly vulnerable in times of crisis, despair, sorrow, and low-self esteem. Anyone that thinks mystically in that they hold authority in others over themselves can be swayed into deeper mystical traps too. Preachers have all kinds of mind-influencing ways to lull people into that receptive state where the conversion-programming works easily. Smacking the object of attention (i.e. the buybull or pulpit) and accentuating the speech with rhythmic and changing decibels for particular words, also adding in music, flickering candle flames, and even simply acting as if they know something that the non-faithful is missing, plus adding in promises of ‘community’ and friendship to the lonely, and of course the promise of ‘salvation’ are typical hooks to get people to fall off the fence into the money-grubbing hands of the religious con-artist.

  • SamStaurophobia

    Other than preying on people in the state of being drunk, being drunk has absolutely nothing to do with the laws of God, does it?

    Does God ever actually say that being drunk is a deadly sin?

    Okay, medically, it is deadly over long periods, but I’m asking about it in a Biblical context.

    In one of your future posts, I think you should touch on the subject some that we use “Biblical times” to refer to, well, Biblical times.

    I think we need a new term for it, because the Bible is NOT a history book.

    Oh course, it may refer to when the Bible was written, so…