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One Dogma For Another

One of the things I love about the greater community of reason is that we are all different. Not only are we a diverse group of people, but we have diverse opinions and points of view too. While most of us tend to be pretty liberal there are still a somewhat large number of Libertarians […]

24 Hours Exactly; You Can’t Explain It

My old Fundamentalist Christian friend Greg just sent me a sermon from a guy who was once an atheist. The sermon managed to throw every ridiculous and poor standard argument in to the 45 minute sermon included the whole “Hitler was an atheist” gag. But there was a new ridiculous argument made. The Rev. Gary […]

The Ninth Commandment

After reading Sam Harris’s new book, Lying, I started to wonder what Christians would think about this book. After all, Harris is making a case for the Ninth Commandment. He is basically saying that in almost every situation, telling the truth is better than telling a lie. While this seems to be an intersection in […]

Republican Political Correctness

Traditionally Political Correctness has been viewed as a liberal thing but quite frankly, I don’t see it. While it is true that Democrats usually try to play nice and look down on those who use racial and sexual slurs, Democrats don’t usually push for laws restricting free speech and when they do whine about “hurtful […]

Atheism is NOT a Religion

For some reason, Christians often claim that atheism is a religion just like Christianity. I see this as their attempt to bring people of reason into the mud with them. Clearly religion is starting to get a bad reputation and being reasonable, skeptical, and doubtful or ridiculous claims are all traits, which are starting to […]

Lazy Media & Christian Soldiers

This story is really two stories in one and both seem equally shocking to me. The first is that the United States Military seems to be doing religious proselytizing in Afghanistan.

Preaching to the Emotionally Vulnerable

Ever wonder why missionaries travel to third world nations full of starving people in order to preach Jesus? Sure, maybe they go to feed the starving people out of the compassion in their hearts, but if that were true they would leave their Bibles at home. Instead, the feeding the hungry just acts as a […]

The Myth of Free Will

“When asked about Free Will, I always give the same response, “Of course we do; I had no choice.” Christopher Hitchens gave this response at a Christian Book Expo Panel and while I think it was a funny response and that Hitchens had a great point within that context, I don’t think we actually have […]

Welcome to Dangerous Talk

Dangerous Talk is an atheist/progressive daily blog discussing the three most dangerous topics of polite conversation: Religion, Politics, and Sex. Our goal is to fight back against the Religious Right and push for a more free and rational society. While this blog is primarily about atheism and our target audience is intended to be atheists, […]

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