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24 Hours Exactly; You Can’t Explain It

My old Fundamentalist Christian friend Greg just sent me a sermon from a guy who was once an atheist. The sermon managed to throw every ridiculous and poor standard argument in to the 45 minute sermon included the whole “Hitler was an atheist” gag. But there was a new ridiculous argument made. The Rev. Gary Goodes main argument is that there are exactly 24 hours in the day; you can’t explain it.

First, before I get into that Bill O’Reilly styled argument, I want to mention that when Greg send me the sermon, I told him (before listening to it) that the guy probably wasn’t someone who was ever active within the greater community of reason and that he probably didn’t have a great deal of knowledge about the standard religious arguments and their refutations. After listening to the sermon, I stand by that assessment. Although, it is entirely possible that Rev. Goodes does know these thing and is just a con-artist. In any case, check out my article on ex-atheists.

Now, let’s get on to the ridiculous 24 hour thing. It really is amazing that there are exactly 24 hours in the day. Only an all-powerful deity could have made that possible… or of course the people who decided to chop up the day into 24 equal segments. As it so happens, we could divide the day into any number of equal segments and call them hours. We use 24 hours in the day because the Egyptians used a base-12 system rather than our western base-10 system. That’s 12 hours for the day-time and 12 hours for the night-time.

But if we are to use the same logic as Rev. Goodes, why is it that there aren’t exactly 365 days in a year? Why is it that God fucked up causing us to have a leap-day every four years? Hey Reverend, you can’t explain it.

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