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Welcome to Dangerous Talk

Dangerous Talk is an atheist/progressive daily blog discussing the three most dangerous topics of polite conversation: Religion, Politics, and Sex. Our goal is to fight back against the Religious Right and push for a more free and rational society.

While this blog is primarily about atheism and our target audience is intended to be atheists, we of course welcome the opinions of religious people (particularly Christians). Dangerous Talk is different than many other atheist blogs in that our emphasis is not as much on news of interest to atheists, but rather on philosophical issues and arguments. As such, feel free to search the categories in the sidebar for past articles which may be of interest.

The host of Dangerous Talk, Staks Rosch, has also appeared as a panelist on Pennsylvania Television’s CN8 on It’s Your Call with Lynn Doyle to argue against Intelligent Design in the classroom.

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40 Responses to “Welcome to Dangerous Talk”

  1. I suppose one question I would have is how he knew that the recipients of his pictures were adults.

  2. I could be wrong, but I think they Tweeted photos to him too. Still, that is no guarantee of anything. But I think he had a reasonable expectation that they were adults.

  3. I don’t get it. With all of the blatantly illegal things happening in politics by politicians and this is what gets the focus…

  4. While I certainly agree with your analysis from a moral/ethical perspective, I can’t help but feel that the repeated behavior, given the consequences and public response seems to display poor judgement on his part. While I am pretty much a life long atheist with minimal religious
    scarring, I am forced to consider that my sense that his behavior
    reflects poor judgement may be a product of the culture in which I live.
    Nevertheless,I don’t think I want a person so committed to such behaviors in a position with much power.

  5. So you are telling me that when it comes to matters of sexual relations your judgement has always been tiptop?

    My point here is that people exercise different judgements in different situations. Some of the best politicians have exercised poor judgement on sexual issues. Most even do illegal things. If Weiner’s only sexual indiscretion is Tweeter photos of his dick, then he’s a head of JFK, Thomas Jefferson, and pretty much every Republican. Ben Franklin had a reputation of flirting heavily with women even while married. If wife didn’t seem to mind either and it clearly didn’t affect his politics.

  6. “photos of his weiner to women on the internet.”

    No, he sent photos of weiners wiener….

    on another note: What is to be expected from a population that is utterly stupid in its majority: Over 50% believe evolution is false, god created the whole bloody mess, over 30% believe in alien visitations – that is 80% stupid right there.
    Add up all the other stupid beliefs (climate change denial, alien abductions, various conspiracy theories etc.) and you will find out that way over 100% of the US population is stupid – enough to share with the rest of the world, unfortunately.

  7. We live in a time when people are particularly forgiving sexual peccadillos, after all most of us have indulged one at some point or other. That said I have two big worries about Weiner. Firstly while I’m not concerned about the implied infidelity to his wife (that’s their business) I am concerned that he has continued in this high risk behavior when he has to know he’s politically vulnerable. It’s compulsive, stupid, high risk behavior. I can forgive sexual impropriety in a public servant far more readily than I can forgive compulsively stupid. Secondly he spent 45,000.00 dollars in donated campaign money to find the “hacker” who breeched his twitter account knowing full well that there was no hacker, no breach, and that money was being burned on the alter of political expedience to cover his lie. THAT speaks to an intense failure character. I don’t need a God to tell me a man who would do that, does not deserve the public’s trust, and should not be a steward of the publics money.

  8. “Stop trying to tell him what he can and can’t do”

    The thing is he wants to tell other people what do.

  9. He is? How so?

  10. You must have missed it, he wants to be Mayor.

  11. Is there a particular law that is he pushing for that aims to control people’s personal and private lives especially in matters of sexual expression?

  12. He favors all sorts of restrictions on personal behavior. Also what he did wasn’t “private” since he’s a public figure.

  13. Please give one example of “all sorts.” Thanks!

  14. Mandatory recycling, smoking restrictions, smoking taxes, banning trans fats at restaurants.

  15. NYC has those restrictions already. As do many cities in America. Plus, none of that has anything to do with sexuality and most don’t even deal with personal freedoms except recycling (which is common sense). They are restrictions on corporations mainly. Fail!

  16. And he does not intend to lift them. That those restrictions don’t involve sexuality isn’t relevant, some people enjoy those pastimes as much as Weiner enjoys his pastime of being a pervert.

  17. And no one is making it illegal to smoke! You just can’t do it in a public area for health concerns! This is a total red herring. As far as I am aware, Weiner isn’t proposing any new laws that limit personal freedom for its own sake. This is in contrast to Spitzer who did go out of his way to go after prostitutes.

    It is also disingenuous to go after politicians for not actively trying to repeal every single law they might disagree with. Besides, he isn’t even in office yet. You are just trying to hate on Weiner because the scandal deals with sexuality. It doesn’t even deal with sex. Where is your hate for Mark Sanford and all the other politicians who either actually had sex, actually broke the law, or both?

  18. His biggest problems are lack of judgement and self control, which have turned him into a joke.

  19. No one is making it illegal to send weiner photos, you just can’t do it and expect to be mayor.

  20. Why not?

  21. Because people with no judgement tend to make bad leaders. That aside, I’m not sure what positive traits Weiner does have.

  22. “Because people with no judgement tend to make bad leaders”

    Yeah, people like Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, JFK, and Bill Clinton were all horrible leaders, right? lol.

  23. JFK’s behavior was highly problematic. Clinton’s poor judgment got him impeached. I’m not sure why Thomas Jefferson is on that list. That aside, those men had other qualities, which Weiner does not, and none were as stupid about their conduct as Weiner.

  24. Jefferson has an affair with at least one of his slaves. Franklin was well known as a flirt even while he was married. In fact until fairly recently, most historians just assumed Franklin slept with the women he flirted with. But my point in the article was that people make poor decisions on sexual issues all the time. That doesn’t mean that they will necessary make poor decisions on other non-related issues. For the record, Clinton was found non-guilty in his impeachment which was mostly about political game playing. As a president, Clinton was pretty good. Don’t get me wrong, I have issues with many things he did during his presidency, but he was still a pretty great president overall. The fact that he got off on sticking a cigar up his consenting intern’s privates didn’t really equate to poor political decisions.

  25. There are a number of reasons to doubt Jefferson’s affair. Unfair or not, Clinton’s poor judgement had significant consequences for him politically.

  26. “There are a number of reasons to doubt Jefferson’s affair.”

    WHAT??? Seriously?

    “Unfair or not, Clinton’s poor judgement had significant consequences for him politically.”

    That isn’t the point. The point is that his poor decisions on sexual matters did not equate to poor decisions in politics. You claimed that Weiner’s poor decision to Tweet photos of his junk equates to poor decisions he might make as Mayor. But that isn’t necessarily the case. As a congressman, Weiner did a great job. There is no reason to believe he can’t do as good of a job or better as Mayor of NYC if he just owns what he did instead of run from it. So what if he sent photos of his peepee to consenting women on the internet? That’s his business and that of his wife and the other women involved.

  27. Take a skeptical look at the Hemmings allegations. I don’t get the sense Weiner has ever accomplished anything. He’s the one who chose to publicize himself, he has no business complaining.

  28. Look up Tiffani Webb. Does Weiner want to change the policy that resulted in her being fired?

  29. I may be an atheist, but the comic in me prays that Anthony Weiner becomes mayor.

  30. I love your GMO page and pass that link on to everyone I know when we get into a discussion. It is the best resource I have seen to get one informed on both sides of the topic.

    Yesterday, someone claimed your site infected their computer with a virus. I was just on it and have never had any problem, so I was skeptical and thought maybe they were trying to scare people away from your site.

    I got more skeptical when this person would not tell me which link on your site caused the problem -even after I posted screen shots.

    Still, I have a Mac and might be immune. So to be extra cautious and give this person a benefit of the doubt, I had my friend who cleans computers for a living check. It seemed clean to her with the latest software, but she didn’t check everything. She mentioned that some malware/virus software gives false positives.

    So just wanted you to know what was going on…

    Ok then, Geoff Hambrick

  31. As far as I am aware there are no virus problems on this cite. My brother manages the GMO page, so I can’t really comment on that. But I’ve never really had any virus problems. I hope you will check out the new cite at http://www.skepticink.com/dangeroustalk

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