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Common Sense

Atheist Extremists
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Silent Steve's Stories

Our Father, Who Art in Our Wallets
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The Way of the Atheist

The Irony of "Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week"
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Secular Spice

Atheism Aside: Separation Supporters Should Seek Solidarity
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A Modest Proposal

"Response to Michael Gerson"
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Geekology 101

"It's Hard Out Here For A Model, Yo!"
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The Religious Middle

"On Being 'Born Again': Clarification of a Controversial Phenomenon."
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Dangerous Pictures

Outside WCHE
Office of WCHE 1520 AM, West Chester, PA
WCHE Studios
WCHE studio, West Chester, PA
Staks, your host
Randy, WCHE 1520
Spokesmodel Erin
Spokesmodel Jacque
Spokesmodel Jacque again, posing with the DT logo
WCHE Window
Looking out of WCHE 1520 AM
Staks with DT sign
Staks with the Dangerous Talk logo
Superman with DT sign
It's a bird, it's a plane...it's Dangerous Talk!
Chick with DT sign
Talk Dangerous!
Ladies with DT sign
Some Dangerous talkers at Kildares, West Chester
WCHE Peeps
Charlie and Randy from WCHE
R.A.W. from myspace, sporting the Dangerous Talk Shirt
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2006 Staks Studios