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The Religious Middle

"On Being 'Born Again': Clarification of a Controversial Phenomenon."
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The Religious Middle


Tom Meredith

Tom Meredith is a candid, open-minded, and trustworthy individual—at least in his best moments. He is a recovering alcoholic, a committed disciple of Jesus of Nazareth, a struggling obsessive-compulsive, and a full-time graduate student.

Tom has a penchant for critical thinking and a passion to correctly interpret the world around him as best as he can. (Those who don't know Tom not infrequently doubt the sincerity of such a statement, given that he professes to "believe in Jesus.") He is "intelligent but not nerdy," enjoys a good meal with friends, and strives with all of his faculties to grasp the viewpoints of others.

Currently pursuing a master of divinity (M. Div.) degree, Tom hopes to complete his doctorate in either New Testament Studies and/or Christian Origins, with the aspiration of (someday) teaching religious studies at the university level. While transparently a Christian, Tom is at the same time particularly skeptical of all dogmatic and woodenly held assertions, especially those emanating from the "conservative evangelical"/fundamentalist camp (somewhat ironically, the "door" through which he entered "the community of faith").

Believing that the human quest for religious understanding will only be truly furthered by the employment of mutual respect, fair-minded dialogue, and rigorous historical methodology, Tom strives to be an indefatigable adversary of all callousness, intellectual dishonesty, and bigotry. He is always interested in what might be dubbed "honest thoughts," thus if you have any that you would like to share with him, he can be reached at thomas.w.meredith@yale.edu.

Finally, Tom would like to thank his friend Staks Rosch for the privilege of sharing his musings on this interesting and thought-provoking Web site.

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