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Common Sense

Atheist Extremists
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Our Father, Who Art in Our Wallets
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The Way of the Atheist

The Irony of "Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week"
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Secular Spice

Atheism Aside: Separation Supporters Should Seek Solidarity
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A Modest Proposal

"Response to Michael Gerson"
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Geekology 101

"It's Hard Out Here For A Model, Yo!"
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The Religious Middle

"On Being 'Born Again': Clarification of a Controversial Phenomenon."
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Geekology 101


Kasey Poteet

Kasey Poteet is a 26 yr. old model/actress/activist and "Geek Goddess Extraordinaire". She grew up in Charleston, SC as the stereotypical shy, ostracized "Geek Girl", but moved to LA and blossomed into someone who LIVES for bashing stereotypes. Always seeking to change the world for the better, Kasey does whatever is in her power to help people start thinking for themselves, rather than mechanically following along with our societal "norms" without question.

A dork to the core, Kasey loves such geek-fare as Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Fullmetal Alchemist, and wholeheartedly believes that Mr. T should be our next President.

And she'll kick your ass at Mortal Kombat. You've been warned. ;)

Kasey in a bikini

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