Halloween Forever

Halloween is one of the greatest holiday ever for three reasons... 1. People get to dress up is sexy, funny, creative, and offensive costumes. 2. People give away free candy. 3. The Religious Right calls this holiday "Satan's Holiday." As a result, Dangerous Talk is sponsoring the Halloween Forever Project. Here is what you have to do: Take a picture of yourself, a friend, or friends in your Halloween costumes holding the Dangerous Talk logo) and send it to the show at DangerousTalk@gmail.com

We will post the pictures in this Halloween Forever section of DangerousTalk.net. Feel free to be sexy, funny, creative, and/or offensive.

Legal disclaimer: Photos may be used for publicity purposes, all rights are shared with Staks Studios. Batgirl and Robin
Batgirl & Robin at Comic Con NY 2009 Green Haired Chick
. Comic Con NY 2009 Krod Mandoon
Promoting the New Comedy Central TV series Krod Mandoon Staks & Jenny
The First Couple of Dangerous Talk themselves, Staks & Jenny, defending reason and freedom. James and Sonya
Read Dangeorus Talk... or meet the Executioners' Blade! Pirate Shaun
Walk the plank! ARGGG Az
The Corporate Devil himself, Asmodeous Azarak, shows his support for the evil that is... Dangerous Talk! Az & Jacque
The Corperate Devil finds another seemingly helpless victim.

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