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Common Sense

Atheist Extremists
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Silent Steve's Stories

Our Father, Who Art in Our Wallets
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The Way of the Atheist

The Irony of "Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week"
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Secular Spice

Atheism Aside: Separation Supporters Should Seek Solidarity
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A Modest Proposal

"Response to Michael Gerson"
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Geekology 101

"It's Hard Out Here For A Model, Yo!"
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The Religious Middle

"On Being 'Born Again': Clarification of a Controversial Phenomenon."
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Silent Steve's Stories


Stephen L. Thompson

Over a ten-year period, four independent groups of people gave Stephen L. Thompson the nickname "Silent Steve." How did he respond to them? With a shrug. Other nicknames he's been given over the years include: Munderf, Hawk Eye, The Terminator, The Silence of Reason, Mountain Man, and The Prince of Pithy; he has even been called a god. But none of these nicknames worked well in a title for this column. True, The Prince of Pithy was given to him in response to his writing style, but it doesn't really tell you what will be in the column. And while Terminator Thompson Tales has a nice alliteration, it doesn't roll off the tongue as well as Silent Steve's Stories. So, that's why this column is titled as such. Enjoy.

Steve, can be reached at steve@oneoveralpha.com

And be sure to check out his website oneoveralpha.com
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