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Yes, We Can Prove Love Exists!

I am so tired of Christians telling me that I can’t prove my love for my spouse, just like they can’t prove God exists. But no one questions the existence of love, so they don’t need to question God.

Actually they do need to present evidence for their claim about God’s love and God’s existence. Sure, I do love my wife and I know with reasonable certainty that she loves me back. We show each other affection. But more than that, if I really had doubts, we can take it to a lie detector and see. Even more than that, we could go and have a brain scan. We can find out if the part of our brains that light up when we feel love light up when we are prompted to think about each other.

But we don’t really need that level of certainty. The fact that we show each other affection is enough for us. Now, has God shown me any affection? Do you have any evidence for this? Christians will say that God created us and therefore call that affection. They might even throw in some good fortune. But there is no evidence to their claims. God can’t even present himself and make the claim for himself, let alone present any evidence that it was he and not some other deity or natural process that’s responsible for the universe and those good fortunes.

Can we test God’s existence? No. Can we test the love between loving individuals? Yes. As mentioned before, we can through lie detectors, brain scans, and the affection we show to each other.

But the basic fact is that this is a category error. Love is an emotion and God is an alleged being. It’s like comparing “Silly” to “Oranges.”

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