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Respect Republican Authori-tie!

Last week, I went to a Town Hall meeting with my Republican congressman. He spent the first several minutes asking people to be respectful and to not call out or yell. Several times during the event, people started to yell out and he would again call for calm and even put a slide up in his program calling for respect.

That all sounds well and good and people ought to respect each other but, just as there is a time for respect, there is also a time to not be respectful. When congress ignores the interests of the majority of the people and only cares about the interests of the wealthy who donate large sums of money to their campaigns, then it is time to no respect them.

He can’t metaphorically punch us in the face and then right when we are about to fight back, throw-up his hands and say, “Hey, let’s have some respect here.” Sorry, but he should have thought about that before he and his friends fucked us. After this congressman has made it clear that he is on the side of the Health Insurance industry, the fat cat bankers on Wall Street, and any other large corporations at the expense of his constituents, he has shown that he doesn’t respect us and we shouldn’t respect him back. He is lucky we don’t get violent with him the way he plans to violently gut our economy, health care, and general way of life.

The nerve of this congressman and every other congressman who calls for respectful dialog after they just beaten up on the American people through legislation. Fuck them! They swung the first punch, but they did it in a passive aggressive manner. Now they expect us to play nice? They want us to be respectful? I don’t think so.

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  • Scott

    I agree here. Nearly every single republican politician is a crook and should be afraid of the American people they have screwed over!