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Don’t Celebrate on Labor Day

This year, Labor Day carries some baggage. Normally, everyone takes the day off and celebrates the role of workers in this country. This year, Labor Day isn’t a day of celebration, it is ironically a day to work.

With record unemployment and the Republican Party aiming to disband labor unions state by state, Labor Day should be a rallying call to action. Normally, Labor Day is a pretty patriotic holiday in which every politician is expected to make some sort of vague patriotic speech in which he or she thanks workers across America. This year, we have to remind Americans that this holiday is everything Republicans hate and are actively working against.

We cannot allow our politicians to get away with vague patriot speeches thanking workers. It is time we demand that politicians actually focus on creating more job and respecting the rights of workers. We need action not speeches.

Writing letters to our elected officials will no longer do the trick (if it ever did). They are ALL bought and paid for and unless you can pay more, they will not listen to you. Our system amounts to a system of bribery. It is legal only as far as the law makers have made it legal to profit by it.

This Labor Day, we have to acknowledge the problem. Politicians don’t care about your labors. They don’t care about how hard you work or what you care about. They don’t even want your vote. They can buy that when the time comes. Besides, there is no alternative. Enjoy your Labor Day.

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