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Intolerant Atheists

Every once in a while, when I criticize the ridiculous beliefs of religious believers, some atheist comes along to complain that I am not respecting these ridiculous beliefs and I am being intolerant. They blame me for the reason Christians hate atheists. Occasionally, I even get someone who self-righteously proclaims that everyone is entitled to their opinion (a fact which I have never disputed).

It seems to me that these particular atheists are intolerant of other atheists like me. Not every atheist is going to agree with the strategy of “don’t criticize ridiculous ideas.” The whole point of freethinking is that we are all free to think differently and to express our thoughts openly. I am a big supporter of the idea that atheists should take different tactics. I don’t mind at all when atheists are out there trying to play nice with those who deeply believe that they ought to be tortured for all eternity in Hell.

What I do mind however is when those particular atheists think that such a strategy gives them free license to insult me in the name of tolerance. I’m open to honest criticism (unlike most religious believers) but instead of honest criticism I sometimes get intolerant, disrespectful, and insulting rants in the name of tolerance and respect.

It seems to me that these particular non-believers just want to play holier than thou. Well, mission accomplished! It isn’t hard to be holy than thou when competing with godless heathens.

My criticism to those atheists is to stop being intolerant toward more vocal atheists who are not afraid to be honest in our criticism of ridiculous beliefs. I respect people, not ridiculous beliefs. But I respect that other atheists may not be as vocal or as honest as I am. Many may not want to rock the boat for whatever reason. Some atheists may still be in the closet and other atheists are simply afraid of harassment. Still others just seem squeamish about offending the religious (which seems to only take acknowledging our existence).

Like all movements for social acceptance, it takes firebrands, diplomats, and comedians. While I have taken all three roles (sometimes even in the same conversation) it is true that I much prefer the firebrand approach. Those atheists who prefer the diplomat approach are welcome to it, but don’t be intolerant of those who take on a different role. Don’t be a hater; we are all in this together.

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